Me? Good at this! I must have changed. And you can use hypnotherapy for confidence to change too.


“You’re so good at this”

my friend, fellow comedian and partner in this latest venture said to me.

She was referring to me going up to a crowd of strangers, smoking their fags outside a pub on Friday

and starting conversations with them giving out flyers  for our comedy night.

Me? Good at this? You must be joking!

I’m not good at talking to strangers, getting their interest

it’s selling!

Something my dad always thought I should do more of. My dad although quiet in many respects was full of self-confidence, not the kind of brash confidence but the kind of confidence that enabled him to perform.

And his dad was a sales man with abundance of confidence. My Grandpa was a brilliant salesman. People warmed to him. He was funny and charismatic. My Grandpa had the kind of confidence that allowed him to sell.

But that is not who I was. I didn’t have that kind of confidence. Truthfully when I was very young I didn’t really have any confidence, not the useful sort anyway.

And I can’t tell you how many sales jobs I was sacked from in my late teens and early twenties because I couldn’t sell.

But I had to admit when I reflected on some of the stuff I’d been doing over the last five years, perhaps I have become

“good at this” Now.

I’ve had to become good at letting people know that I have skills that can show them how they can be the master of your own ship.

How they can change the programming of their own minds if they want to.

And in order to do that

I’ve had to change first.

I’ve had to get comfortable talking to people who I don’t know either in a video or a post about what I do. I’ve had to become disciplined about writing articles explaining what I do: articles about using hypnosis to build self-confidence, or how hypnotherapy can improve your ability to perform exponentially.

In order to change from a career in teaching to becoming a hypnotherapist, I’ve had to navigate through areas of fear and build self-confidence. I’ve had to learn how to quiet the voices of doubt that have prevented me moving towards my goals and ambitions.

I’ve had to have the confidence to let myself leap and risk failure.

And in the process I’ve got much better at it.

And even when I got the question that I’d normally dread when giving out a flyer

“are you one of the comedians on?”

dreaded in that instance because I”m occupying the headspace of a promoter not a comedian

I found myself unexpectedly relaxed and able to make the group laugh. Why not? I am a comedian am I not? I am a comedian who is a hypnotherapist or perhaps I’m a hypnotherapist who is a comedian

either way. I’m perfectly positioned to help other performers improve their confidence whether its improved confidence for an audition, or improved confidence for a performance or perhaps it’s improved confidence to speak and present at work.

The beautiful thing about discovering confidence is you can never have too much of it. Not in my opinion anyway.

And what I love about performing now is that even though I’m still get nervous about performing, I’m not helpless. I know exactly what to do to re-channel those nerves so that they can energize rather than stifle my performance. I know how to use my internal dialogue constructively . No longer at the whim of jelly legs or a fluttering heart or the words that whisper in my own voice, ‘what if you fail?” Hypnosis for performance has enabled me to enjoy performance like never before.

I have skills that I can help myself with and what I’m not good at now, I might get better at.

Love Lara x