A Trip to Carlisle to see Stop Smoking Hypnotist Guru, Freddy Jacquin.


Last Friday I traveled to Carlisle to see Paulina Travene and this living legend and beautiful generous man Freddy Jacquin, a hypnotist who has changed the course of millions of people’s lives through hypnotherapy and helped thousands stop smoking with hypnosis.

I spent years of my youth traveling with family to Glasgow, passing Carlisle on the way and never once had a reason to get off at Carlisle.

The impact for me – even of doing that train journey was huge. I’ve not done that train journey since my dad died or many years before that.

The trip had been planned for sometime but by the time it got to the day neither me or Paulina remembered why we had planned the time. But we were both excited to be spending time with Freddy.

Truthfully spending any time with this human being is a reason enough and I feel incredible gratitude for knowing him and being mentored by him.

There is no doubt that since I’ve switched to his system for stopping smoking with hypnosis as taught by him and his son Anthony at Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, my results have skyrocketed in helping people to stop smoking. Over 80% of my clients quit smoking with hypnosis within the first session. Sometimes a subsequent session is useful to deal with any underlying anxieties sometimes masked by the smoking or vaping habit but more frequently one session is enough for a person to stop.

The time spent with Freddy was phenomenal and what I was reminded of in the short time I spent with him was the gift he has to instill confidence in the people he helps. He has this unique quality to make you feel good and he has this incredible charisma. But perhaps, his biggest gift in hypnosis is that he knows absolutely that the people who see him will stop smoking. It isn’t so much that he believes in his own abilities, although of course he does. It’s that he believes in the people who come to see him.

And if you’re reading this he believes in you.

I have no doubt that my stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions with clients were even stronger this week as a result of the time I spent in my mentor’s company.

And I have no doubt that if you are reading this blog about hypnosis and stopping smoking and are considering using hypnotherapy to quit vaping than I can help you stop too.

My only regret is I didn’t take any photos of our time together. But I’d had a gig the night before and a few hours sleep and Freddy had also had no sleep and even though this was an incredibly important and special occasion to me, my vanity wouldn’t permit a photo. So I’ve got this photo of him instead on one of the books that he’s written.

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