About Me

Hypnotherapy has always been something I’ve been interested in and practiced on myself, initially in my twenties when I worked as a comedienne suffering from performance anxiety, later as a pregnant mother wanting to overcome the birth trauma experienced with my first child before delivering my second. However, it was not until a series of stressful events both personally and in my profession as a teacher, which led to an inspiring journey with an expert hypnotherapist and my own light bulb moment and the recognition that I needed to change what wasn’t working in my life.

 I first dabbled with hypnosis as a comedienne when suffering from performance anxiety and firmly believe that I had a talent that I wasted due to lack of confidence and self-sabotage. As a result of my early experiences as a performer both on stage and and later as a Drama teacher in a secondary school I have a particular passion for enabling others to find that sweet performance spot which enables them to express themselves either in sport or in the theatre or even in an interview or sales meeting, it doesn’t matter what.

Lara Cox Hypnotherapist
LC Hypnotherapy office

Depending on the area for which you are seeking to improve your confidence we will discover the source of your self-limiting beliefs and lack of confidence and take away the negative charge and feelings surrounding that area so although you will still remember the negative events, they will no longer have a strong impact on you. 

There are various means of doing this during hypnotherapy and invariably I will use my skills and intuition to find the best means for you. I will then teach you both in hypnosis and during our sessions how to access powerful, confident states and show you ways to rehearse positive outcomes which will change and transform your life beyond your belief. 

Confidence and anxiety are at the route of just about anything that we hope to achieve in our lives so it’s natural that a hypnotherapist, a hypnotherapist like me, would get exceptional enjoyment filling their clients with confidence and self belief so that my clients can perform whatever it is they want to perform to an optimum level. I certainly get great pleasure from seeing my clients lead the lives they want to lead, so please check out some of the reviews clients have left either here or on Google and discover the amazing results they have enjoyed because they said yes to the winds of change and began working with me. If you’re reading this page now it means that you’re interested in hypnotherapy and if you’re interested in hypnotherapy for improving your life it will be one of the most profound life changing experiences that you can hope to make. Whatever the issue or interest that brings you here, please do take a look at some of my videos and get a sense of me, who I am and if you think that I am someone you’d like to work with, someone you could trust with your hope and dreams of a brighter future, then please get in touch so we can get started.