Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Anxiety affects a growing number of people and can reek havoc. If you find yourself avoiding situations due to anxiety it might be time to try find out the underlying causes and learn coping mechanisms to dispel and overcome your negative feelings.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling which is triggered in our brain in response to certain fears. These anxious thoughts are sometimes rooted in the past and usually directed towards events that haven’t happened yet and possibly never will. 

You may experience anxiety about driving, anxiety about public speaking or anxiety about going to the dentist. 

Anxiety is the feeling we get when the part of our brain called the Amygdala fires hormones triggers our sympathetic nervous system and sends our body into the fight, flight and freeze mechanisms. 

Common signs of anxiety are:

Sometimes anxiety is an essential means of keeping us safe and operates in our best interest. The fight, flight and freeze mechanisms produced by the part of our brain responsible for it enable our bodies to prepare for anticipated danger.  

It is the sympathetic nervous system that provides us with extra speed and strength to run or fight our enemies or in the case of our early ancestors flee from dinosaurs and predators. 

Anxiety in Today’s Society

Even today anxiety still plays an important function in keeping us safe either physically or culturally. For instance if we didn’t feel any anxiety about a future job interview then perhaps we wouldn’t research the company beforehand or prepare ourselves in any way. 

However, when your anxiety prevents you from doing the things which you know are in your best interest or creates feelings of panic, then it’s time to stop the cycle of anxious thoughts and teach your brain new behaviour patterns.

General anxiety LC Hypnotherapy
General anxiety LC Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Regardless of whether you are suffering from an anxiety that stems from an experience in the past or are suffering with a general anxiety that appears to have no early triggering event, hypnosis can enable you to tap into powerful new resources in your brain which will help you to end the negative anxious loops and discover new ways of thinking and responding to anxious thoughts.

What to Expect?

When dealing with extreme anxieties or phobias with the root in the past, I will use hypnosis to put you into a relaxed state where we can discover together through a variety of means the origin of your phobia. 

Sometimes discovering the source of a phobia can be enough to create a huge shift in the power that the phobia has over you, particularly as most phobias occur when our brains are so young and undeveloped – usually before the age of seven. 

When there is no evidence that the phobia or anxiety has a root in the past the treatment will focus on enabling you to create positive associations with the situations and events which have been causing anxiety. 

In addition to positive suggestions which I will make to your unconscious mind whilst you are in a state of hypnosis, I will also arm you with some techniques to combat anxiety immediately. Many of these techniques owe their origin to NLP and Neuroscience and the evidence of their positive effect on all kinds of anxiety is astonishing and vast. 

How Long Does Treatment Take?

I can give you tools that will help reduce your anxiety within one session and certainly make you feel better. Most frequently people take between three or four sessions to stop their anxiety loops and re-programmed their brains with new positive patterns.