Are you afraid to speak in public? What? I can’t hear you. I said Are you afraid to speak in public .


I’m sure you’ve probably heard it before but the fear of public speaking, sometimes referred to as Glossophobia is one of the most common fears, so if you suffer from it you’re not that unusual.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, of course you are personally unique, your DNA is, it’s just that your fear if you should have a fear of talking in pubic is not.

In this blog for my hypnotherapy website I will be exploring with you, using my own fair hand, no AI at all, how hypnosis can help reduce your fear of presenting at work, or talking generally.

This may seem like an obvious question, but because as is the case with any kind of performance there is a continuum where some feelings of anxiety or concern are natural whilst at the other end of anxiety would constitute a debilitating phobia, it would be helpful to distinguish between the two.

Whilst a fear or nervousness in public speaking could result in tensed muscles, a raised heart beat and a quicker way of speaking than one would ideally like, a phobia for presenting in pubic will lead to the person experiencing it to make life choices based on their fear. For example, a person with a phobia for presenting at work will choose a job that does not involve talking even though they are highly skilled and capable of doing the job.

A person with glossophobia will do anything they can to avoid a situation where they might have to talk to a group of people even though it will have negative consequences on their future employment.

How does a phobia for public speaking happen?

Unlike anxieties all phobias are rooted in the past. This means that an event whether remembered or not, sparked a fear response in the unconscious and in order to protect the person in the future, the unconscious mind  set up a trigger which subsequently results in  a fight, flight, freeze response every time that threat of public speaking rears its head.

Isn’t the mind a fantastically effective machine? It is! Thank you mind! You’re brilliant. But if it’s okay with you I’d like to be able to talk confidently in pubic now so I can get that job with an extra 50K.

The good news is hypnosis is a brilliantly effective way of supporting a person with a phobia for talking in front of an audience to a place of calmness and confidence and dare I say it – excitement for the opportunity.

That’s right you heard me. Just because you’ve been afraid of talking to a group ever since primary school because everyone looked at you, you went red, stuttered and felt sick doesn’t mean you’re not able to resolve this default setting in a matter of a hypnotherapy programme.

For help with a fear about talking in public, we will typically go back to the beginning of that fear, find it’s route and change the perceptual experience of that fear. We will also explore something called parts therapy, which incorporates trance to enable communication with that part of the person that is running the fear of talking programme. Sounds fancy doesn’t it?

It is a bit, but it’s beautifully straight forwards to run and experience. And the great thing is you will see a difference almost immediately and by the fourth session will be geared towards a challenging event such as a talk to a group, or a presentation or speech.

And should you want some extra performance coaching in the wording of your presentation  and delivery with my background in Theatre, performance and teaching I’m perfectly positioned to give you all the help you need to enable you to perform and present confidently.

To find out how to book your programme for overcoming a fear of talking follow this link and book an appointment with me.