If confidence is preventing you from being the best than you can be, then hypnotherapy can help you find the route causes and show you how to access your inner strength, energy and self-belief.

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool for enabling you to become a more confident person. Whether you seek improved confidence in driving, confidence performing in a sport, confidence in social situations or relationships or you wish to perform more confidently at work, then you will find hypnotherapy an enjoyable and effective way of becoming a more effective and confident person. 

Often when we feel that we lack confidence in certain areas, it’s because we have coded past experiences and memories in negative ways and continually enter negative thought loops about our perceived abilities. 

Sometimes, we allow the opinions of others and the fear of judgment to prevent us from performing to our maximum potential. As someone who has come from a background in performance, first as a comedienne performing live (once to an audience of 2000) and more recently as a teacher, I am acutely aware of the negative mental states that can prevent a confident performance. 

I remember countless times where I performed nervously or badly because I’d been running negative thought loops through my head prior to performing or allowing my body to become tense and my breathing shallow. I also remember positive performance experiences where I was relaxed, calm and confident – and these states can be created and accessed in you too, during our hypnotherapy sessions. 

Whether you are planning a speech or presentation at work or playing tennis or golf or meeting up with a new person for a date, putting yourself in the optimum mental state is something that is necessary to enable you to perform at your peak. You can use hypnotherapy to find and deactivate any past negative experiences that are preventing you from performing at your peak state and damaging your confidence. 

My Dreamcoat Protocol for confidence

How will Hypnotherapy Help Improve my Confidence?

The way hypnotherapy improves confidence is by removing and flattening the negative charges that often occur in relation to pre-existing coded memories in relation to that area. 

For example, perhaps you have had a bad run of relationships and are preparing to meet a new person on a date. A person suffering from low confidence might be rehearsing in their minds all the things that could go wrong, recalling all the negative experiences they’d had, either most recently or throughout their lives. 

self confidence LC Hypnotherapy
self confidence LC Hypnotherapy

I know exactly how crippling anxiety and loss of confidence can be and I spent years in the wilderness – having lost touch of my own strength and talents. Confidence and anxiety are at the route of just about anything that we hope to achieve in our lives so it’s natural that a hypnotherapist, a hypnotherapist like me, would get exceptional enjoyment filling their clients with confidence and self belief so that my clients can perform whatever it is they want to perform to an optimum level.

What Happens After my Hypnotherapy Session?

One of the reasons that I really enjoy working with confidence during hypnotherapy is because people often have means of testing its effect and are able to discover the power of hypnotherapy for confidence unequivocally. 

If you have an exam coming up or a sporting competition or a big presentation due at work, it will be easy to track the effects of your confidence. It is easy for you to distinguish a relaxed performance or state from one where you are uncomfortable and anxious. 

Furthermore, you will find that when your confidence improves your perception of the world around you improves and exciting shifts will occur around you.