Do you Remember your first time?

Children vaping

So, do you?

 Remember your first time?

When it comes to my very first cigarette it’s a total blur…could have been at the park, could have been in the bathroom at home, possibly outside on the ledge of the window,

don’t know for sure.

but I remember is the first time I inhaled. because it made me dizzy and I nearly puked.  

It was my older sister (of three years) who taught me.

It was no act of sisterly love

She just couldn’t take anymore. 

 Of me showing her up in front of her friends…I was so uncool. At that time our home was largely free of parental presence, packs of teenagers encamped in our home, for a while it was a house full of punks and mods.

The first time I read, “Lord of The Flies” I experienced a strange sense of nostalgia…

It all came back to me…the brutality of childhood…what fun it all was.  

As for smoking, I was convinced I was doing it right… and already believed I needed cigarettes. Clearly I was deluded about that because when I actually inhaled it the way sister showed me… or perhaps it was her boyfriend in the end who showed me more patiently.

I did It correctly.

And I experienced my first nicotine rush.

And after a few lugs, I thought I was going to puke.

And whilst I was rushing (and nearly puking) I got this massive round of applause and cheers from these cool older kids – proper loud cheers


Now in my role as hypnotherapist and someone specialising in helping smokers stop smoking with hypnosis, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the impact on early smoking experiences for smokers and one doesn’t have to be the most insightful or gifted to recognise the appeal that this kind of acceptance by an older crowd of kids would signify for someone younger – someone like myself.

So what about you? Do you remember the first time?

Most of my clients have at least some recollection and it usually lends itself to an interesting conversation

and one of the things that can be really fun during a Hypnosis Stop Smoking online session is when the client imagines they’re in a time machine and they travel back to their past when they had their first cigarette.

The time machine is one of my favourite hypnotic techniques…and, just in case you’re interested in the how’s and wherefores of hypnosis it was created by the hypno wizard Freddy Jacquin.

It’s pretty remarkable and it’s one of the tools I always use to bust through the door of the past when working with smokers and using hypnosis to stop smoking, because it’s easy to do and fun to experience – and I suppose I just like it.

Who doesn’t want to sit on a chair and whizz back and forth in a chair and travel through space and time?

And it’s exciting when you take a moment to reflect on the journey that brought you here and if you’re still smoking and you want to quit smoking with hypnosis then I feel that you should know that the freedom that stopping smoking with hypnotherapy gives you can be as liberating and intoxicating as that first cigarette was – you will experience freedom from cravings and a wonderful feeling of confidence.

For more information about hypnosis to help smoking

 or to see how a stop smoking session works online, please check out my Hypnosis Smoking YouTube channel at LC Hypnotherapy.