Do you treat vaping and smoking the same way in Hypnotherapy?

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Usually when I do videos or write about smoking, I talk about smoking cigarettes rather than vaping as when I was a smoker I smoked cigarettes and never saw the appeal of vapes… however, in my mind they’re essentially the same habit…

As a smoker I didn’t like all brands of smoking but I wouldn’t have considered somebody who smoked menthol a non-smoker and consequently in need of a different sort of hypnosis to stop their smoking habit.

It’s true I never liked menthols or understood why a smoker would think inhaling minty smoke was somehow less offensive then the usual sort of tobacco smell on their breath. To me smoking a menthol cigarette was and is equivalent to drinking tea and choosing an Earl Grey. It’s just not right. I am equally bewildered by the dazzling impact of different flavours on vapers, but dazzled they are.

One young vapers I recently had in my quit vaping with hypnosis session admitted it was actually the variety of flavours that attracted him in the first place.  But I always felt when I did smoke, if you’re going to smoke, just smoke, don’t pretend that there’s a healthy way to do it. In my opinion and this is my opinion rather than my professional opinion as a hypnotherapist specialising in stopping smoking there is no healthy way to smoke other than to stop smoking with hypnosis or stop smoking by any other means.

Don’t way till you have emphysema or COPD or any smoking related illness. Just quit now. Quit with hypnosis and let it be a joyful experience.

Anyway, I have the horrible feeling I’ve digressed massively from my point. The point I’m getting at is that the habit of smoking and vaping is the same habit.

 It’s a habit where you’re putting something poisonous into your mouth and gradually suffocating yourself….

To relax you…..or whatever…

I’m being sarcastic, but I get it, you feel that smoking is relaxing on some level and smoking to reduce anxiety is no less stupid than any other of the stupid and illogical things we do when we’re upset or angry or confused or in a cycle of pain and trauma.

In the past, when I’ve talked on videos about cigarettes and stopping smoking with hypnosis because the treatment is the same, I’ve imagined them as interchangeable and imagined that people listening who vaped would see it the same way.

However, as time has gone on…I’ve learnt that there is a difference between vaping and smoking but because I never vaped I never really saw it.

But thanks to my clients I’m getting a much better picture of it.

It’s a pretty unpleasant picture.

I think – and this is just my opinion – as someone who smoked for 35 years that in ten or twenty years we’re going to discover that it’s actually worse than smoking cigarettes.

I’ve already seen 17 and 18 year olds with seriously low blood oxygen levels in their blood that they’re fainting at school…people whose lungs are making horrible noises when they breathe and people who can’t get rid of strange growths inside their mouths….

But forget all that the real problem and the problem most people are coming to me now is because they made the switch from cigarettes to vapes in the hope of cutting down their nicotine level…

In the hope of controlling it…..

I can see the logic but the problem but actually quitting smoking by starting vaping is having the reverse impact. People who make the switch are vaping way more than they ever smoked.

Whereas smokers have a set amount vapers will vape the way they used to breathe. Some people I have worked with wake up, leave the house to get a massive containers and you see people walking around breathing out massive fumes of vapes…

So the reason why it seems to be even more of a problem than smoking is unlike smoking you can do it anywhere and all the time – the way you’re supposed to breathe.

So here’s the thing, I’m not trying to make you feel bad or persuade you to stop vaping…but if you are vaping because you wanted to stop smoking but find you’re vaping more than you wanted not less

Then let me help you quit nicotine altogether with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy will support your transition from dependency on nicotine to freedom and that’s really what you want isn’t it? Imagine looking forward to breathing the way you think you crave a cigarette? Imagine being given an extra ten or twenty years of life, quality life at that with one simple change to your life.

If you want to find out more about how you can use hypnosis to stop vaping or book a hypnotherapy smoking cessation with me than just follow this calendar link below.