Does Hypnotherapy Always Help Smokers Stop Smoking?

Today, I did something I don’t often do I told a person that was enquiring about stopping smoking with hypnosis that I didn’t think I was the right hypnotherapist for them.

The longer the call went on the more I sensed it wasn’t going to work for them – with me.

As time goes on, I’ve got better and knowing who I can help stop smoking with hypnosis and who is unlikely to make the transition from smoker to non-smoker. The person in question admitted that they didn’t really want to stop, that they enjoyed smoking and was only really calling because their partner and children were putting the pressure on.  It’s never what you want to hear.

The pressure was being applied at home because of this person’s serious health conditions. The person wasn’t a heavy smoker, about eight a day, and had smoked all their life so very much saw themselves as a smoker. This identifying as a smoker is one of the biggest challenges when working with smokers in hypnosis. I myself struggled for many years to believe I could be cool or funny as a non-smoker. However, it was not this challenge that put me off treating this individual, it was their stance on smoking.

I believe the person didn’t really want to stop, didn’t really accept on a conscious level that smoking was a ludicrous and expensive habit and whilst it’s the unconscious mind that I’m going to work with  in hypnosis it’s the conscious mind that has to bring a person seeking smoking cessation to me in the first place.

It is not my job to try and persuade people what to do with their lives. I’ve rarely, if ever, (except my children) told other people what to do. It is not my job. It is also not my job to persuade someone that smoking is a shit habit. And I can’t help but think if you really don’t see that smoking is terrible for yourself you must be a little bit stupid and I’m just not good with stupid people I never have been.

Stupid people are my kryptonite. (This is where I put personal stuff in for my amusement to break up my intention which is to feed Google with keywords about quitting smoking with hypnosis).

So next time someone asks me if hypnosis works, I might answer honestly. It works better if you’re not stupid and you can listen and you have a history of wanting to change your mind about things. I like working with open minded people who are looking to use something they haven’t tried before to support an exciting change in their lives.

Anyway, the decision not to go ahead and discuss hypnosis more with this individual was determined completely when they objected to the price.

“That’s such a lot of money” they said, four times.

At one time, I might have counter offered but in this situation I didn’t believe the person really wanted to stop – this ‘price’ gave them the reason they were looking for not to go ahead with the stop smoking hypnosis session and I was happy to give them the out. I want my sessions to work. And as I said, it’s not my job to persuade people to stop smoking only to offer support for those that want to. The price of my hypnosis stop smoking session would have been the same as two months’ worth of cigarettes for them, so whilst it’s not cheap you have to question a person’s motivation and values if they’re not prepared to risk something so small in contrast to what they are going to spend and have spent over the course of their life.  The cost of a stop smoking session with hypnosis is a fraction of a fraction of what a smoker spends in their life time. Not that it should be about the money but the fact remains, a smoker who stops smoking saves money almost immediately.

Doesn’t it seem odd that for years a person will spend money on something that takes their money, health, makes them smell, accelerates ageing and reduces their lung capacity and not object enough to stop, yet will question paying anything for a service that gives them a chance to walk away into a better life.  And they think they’re being reasonable.

Obviously I have to take some responsibility.

For whatever reason this person who found me hasn’t been educated about what hypnosis is and what value it has and really as a hypnotherapist it should be part of my business to make sure that before the clients reach that point of discussion they know already that they want to stop smoking and are asking questions about how hypnotherapy can support them stopping smoking.

That’s another question and a much more useful question so this call that I took, whilst it did not lead me to a booking and left me feeling a little disappointed that I’m not going to connect or help everyone it did remind me that I have work to do on making sure that those people out there that really do want to stop smoking and are considering hypnosis can find the information they need.

To see one of my stop smoking sessions on YouTube follow this link.