Does the thought of withdrawal and anxiety keep you smoking? Have you considered Hypnosis to Stop Smoking?


Whilst there were many reasons why I smoked for so long: it made me feel young; it was a constant, I could rely on; it helped me concentrate; I believed it relieved stress and sometimes it helped me bond with a group of friends; the biggest reason that I continued to smoke was that I couldn’t face the anxious feeling I got whenever I tried to stop; I also couldn’t bare the painful withdrawal from nicotine.

At least that’s what I thought.

So why is it then that when I used hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes I walked straight out of the door of my mind and into a sunny day, a sunny day where a breeze was blowing gently on my face and I could return to my home with a smell of fresh cut grass and freedom?

It’s a funny thing and although I do use hypnosis to hep smoking related problems every day and also run Hypnosis stop smoking online group sessions I don’t have all the answers as to why hypnosis makes the stop smoking process so easy and enjoyable compared to all the other ways a smoker might choose to stop smoking, but as a hypnotherapist and someone with a tendency to reflect on things somewhat, I’m prepared to share my guess – and when I share it, you’ll think:

Well that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Tell me something I don’t know.

The reason (wait for it!) why hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes  makes it easier than other methods you might use to stop smoking is that you do not experience the painful withdrawal or anxiety that you would get when you stop smoking with nicotine gum or stop smoking with patches or use your will power because when you use hypnosis to stop smoking, the hypnotherapist takes you through a process that enables you


so that you can simply change it.

That’s right You just


And if you’ve forgotten how powerful your mind actually is than perhaps you’d do well to consider that this whole time, you’ve been struggling with anxiety whenever you’ve quit smoking it’s because your powerful mind has been telling you again and again,

That you’re giving something up, that you’re losing something, that you’re doing without something and because you have believed that, that has become your reality.

To illustrate my point, let’s refer to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who lost in his grief for the murder of his father contemplates how he now is imprisoned by the thoughts of his own mind.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”, he says and then adds that his mind has become a prison.

What we are given to understand by this is that what we feel and perceive

inside our own minds becomes our reality. It matters little to our unconscious mind if what we see inside our heads is our own fantasy….a dream…if it feels real and we believe it to be true, our bodies respond accordingly.

That is why in medicine the placebo works so well…30% of the time (as a rough estimate)

Therefore because we are so conditioned to believe that when we stop smoking the withdrawal with be agonising and the anxiety simply too much to bare this is what we experience.

However, take it from me. This will not be your experience when you use ‘Hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes. When you stop smoking with hypnosis because you change your actual fundamental beliefs about smoking, about what you’re giving up – which the concious part of you already knows is zilch, it’s an entirely different experience.

What’s more, before I run my hypnosis session with my stop smoking hypnosis clients, I always give them at least two techniques, which will reduce or illuminate altogether any feelings of anxiety or cravings resulting from their stopping smoking and tell them that should they still experience withdrawal after the session or any anxiety they can use the techniques I’ve shown.

If you’d like to learn these techniques you can see me use them with my clients on my hypnosis smoking you tube channel completely free.

Furthermore you could even save yourself booking an appointment and run the whole session on yourself and stop smoking hypnosis for free.

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