Does your inner hustler persuade you to manage stress through smoking? And is it time to consider Hypnosis To Stop Smoking?

Smoking Reduce stress and your inner hustler

There is no doubt in my mind that having hypnosis to stop smoking is the best thing that I’ve ever achieved and the freedom that I feel from that decision, the transformation as a result of me having used hypnotherapy to stop smoking is something that reverberates through every aspect of my life.


 I’d be lying, if I didn’t admit that every now and then, the thought

pops into my mind

and loiters by the junction asking somewhat bashfully (now it perceives no real hope of me agreeing) if I’d

“light up a cigarette”

 And let it cross the line. You know the line I drew for it in our hypnosis session

in big fucking bold colours for it so there’s no ambiguity or misunderstandings.

“Perhaps” it whispers, getting more desperate

“even though you can’t move those tectonic plates…(it has a wonderful rich vocabulary)

“you could light me up…come on, baby…you can change the chemical composition of your body all by yourself, Abracadabra…whoosh! Take back all the control of your feelings…you’re safe now, just you and me… how good it will be.”

And so it goes on!  

“Experience that little rush of nicotine…

whilst the heaviness of your frustration, sadness, anxiety, boredom, anger, fear begins to fall away…”

Don’t know about yours, but my desperation can be pretty hypnotic…


now it’s sounding clever, rational even.

“You’ve just forgotten how good that first drag feels?”

(I haven’t. Not at all.)

It. He. She…continues in a slightly more seductive voice.

 “You’ve forgotten how intoxicating I am”

…now it changes tact again….I told you it was desperate, and ingenious and knows exactly how to play me…

“that portal where you light me up and I take you back to that time, that place, that moment where you were young, invincible and free.”

It is of course bullshit.

And I can say that, because I’ve fallen for it so many times before…

And that’s one of the greatest things about using hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes, all the lies that you’ve told yourself…that you’ve let fester and control you begin to lose their grip…you see them for what they are…empty promises of relief and release that never really come.

 Then of course, the aftermath, the discovery – again, once you’ve had that nicotine fix

 that the only moment that really felt good was the first one when you sparked up and connected with something outside of your own body.

And you can’t go back there…not really…

Your face can’t. And your lungs can’t.

And a lot of the time. It’s just a sad story or a story that could have been happier and longer.

 But there’s hope. As long as there’s life there’s hope.

And you can always go forwards and you can find other ways to control your moods and stress levels more effectively than smoking ever did.

And you can experience a more profound kind of connection.

Honestly, I’m telling the truth, although I feel a little embarrassed to come to it so late in the day.

But before you start typing out ‘stop smoking hypnotherapy near me, or hypnosis to stop smoking online or even stop smoking hypnosis cost and find a load of stop smoking hypnosis reviews that will inform you exactly how powerful the transformation is when you quit smoking with hypnosis,

Just consider reading this life changing book ‘Breath’ by James Nestor, which explores the impact of different breathing mechanics on your body and mind.

I read it shortly after I used hypnosis to stop smoking and it enabled me to anchor the changes I made during my only self-hypnosis session to excitement and joy for living healthily and productively.

It also motivated me to begin to practicing meditation which has finally begun to improve the quality of my sleep.

The next step for me is to practice yoga and as my sister is a practitioner that does it online there’s really no excuse for me not to….

 other than

I’m a hypnotherapist specialising in helping others stop smoking with hypnosis and getting the message of it effective and powerful it is seems to be taking up all my time.

If you’ve found this blog interesting in any way, please leave a comment or if you’d like to learn anything about using hypnotherapy to stop smoking please feel free to book a free consultation with me on my calendar.