Don’t stop smoking till Christmas is over and the family’s gone.

Smoking Munch 6049

As a hypnotherapist specialising in helping people to stop smoking, you may find it curious that I’m urging you not to do it now…wait until after Christmas

When the prospect of spending an entire day with the extended family fades out of your consciousness like a bad dream.

It’s ok,

You are not them.

And they are not you.

Now stub that fag out and listen to what I’m about to say.

First of all let me say this: happy Christmas. Enjoy that fag.

No not the disgusting, smelly half fag you’ve just put back in the pack. Have a new one.

Treat yourself, it’s Christmas after all.

Treat your lungs to a big fresh one as I urge you not to quit smoking until you’re safely out of the Christmas hell hole.

No not the Christmas smoking hell hole…that can wait until January.

I’m talking about the other one.

Your family.

The ones who make you revert to the worst version of yourself, the version of yourself you actually thought was you

Until you left home and never saw that version of you again.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones and your family is not an endless source of stress and anxiety and you are anticipating a day of engaging repartee, friendly politics and parlour games then bully for you.

Frankly you’ve got no business being a smoker at all in 2023, let alone in 2024.

And yes yes yes

vaping is still smoking.

Who in their right minds would believe that continually inserting a nicotine filled plastic implement into your mouth and sucking it into your lungs instead of pure oxygen,  the default requirement to life, is going to lead you down the path of peace and happiness?

If you believe vaping is viable health alternative to smoking cigarettes, I think you may be better quitting smoking with one of my competing hypnotherapists who live near me.

It’s time to wake up and smell the nicotine.

Of course it’s natural for you to want to stop smoking now and as 2023 comes to a close. You realise you’ve spent four thousand pounds last year, possibly six, on slowly suffocating yourself,

yet you’re still here for another fucking Christmas.

You can hardly believe your luck. Time to stop rolling the dice.

or is it?

I say, continue rolling.

If you’ve survived till now a life with oxygen and energy and money and self respect can wait.

In fact, shout: ‘Fuck you life!’

Shout as hard as you can and notice how empowering that is.

Now try it without coughing.

No! Still coughing.

Okay, just sit down then and wheeze slowly. Whatever feels most natural.

If your lungs can hold off for another few weeks, I say ‘hold the door’!

Let the nicotine demons parasite off your life force for another week or two.

And then in January when you can’t bear the thought of another day feeling trapped, financially impoverished and concerned about your health and you’re ready to give yourself

A real gift

The gift of life

An extra bit of it at least, no wrapping paper required.

Then get in touch with me. Book a chat with me in my calendar

and let me explain how your going to use hypnosis to stop smoking or vaping or using cannabis and have a happier, richer 2024.