Freedom from Phobia

lc hypnotherapy

We all need some levels of anxiety in order to keep us safe but when anxiety becomes a phobia and prevents us from living our lives and creates a sense of panic at the thought then we know it is no longer serving our best interest. Surprisingly regardless of how long you’ve suffered from a phobia or anxiety, hypnosis can clear it in a matter of hours. Today I’m celebrating a client’s success with a twenty-year-long terror of spiders. The client was unable to consciously trace her phobia to a specific time but remembered being terrified from the age of 11. She had an idea that the phobia may have been a response to an incident when she was outside having a picnic and saw another child scream at the sight of an unknown insect. Using the rewind method and the repressed memory protocol, we were able to uncover two occasions completely forgotten by her conscious mind and clear her spider phobia. Today she held a rubber one and watched a YouTube clip about a Trap Door spider and when I asked her to imagine a big domestic spider (of the nonpoisonous variety) by her feet there was no trace of her phobia. From now on she will not be prevented from sleeping by the presence of a money spider in her bedroom or have to think twice about sitting outside on a picnic blanket.