From One Bad Habit to Another. From Stopping Divorcing to Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis.

me smoking

I won’t lie, I’m bored of writing articles about stopping smoking. I’m bored of writing articles outlining the positive effects of quitting smoking with hypnosis.

Truthfully, it’s absurd that I even have to.

Does anybody really still believe that smoking doesn’t kill or that hypnosis is dangerous as opposed to one of the most natural and easy ways to stop smoking other than

 just actually stopping, by yourself using your incredible will power?

So if you can stop smoking by yourself, the way my mum did and the way at least 5% of people do, then do that. It’s cheaper than stopping smoking with hypnosis and if it  works there’s a special satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve just used the strength of your will.  

I believe that using your will power is like using a muscle and once you use it for one thing, you will find it easier to use for other things. It’s a great thing.

Of course I do understand that many people try to stop smoking with will power and just can’t, they become overwhelmed with it and then why wouldn’t you ask for help? Anything that helps you stop smoking is help worth having.

But right, I’ll be honest with you, the only reason why I’m writing this blog is because I’m pissed off. I’ve had an argument with my husband – all be it over something stupid, but it’s an argument nevertheless and when I’m arguing I have an additional charge of energy – I think we all do. That’s the adrenalin. The interesting thing about arguing or ‘fighting’ is that that hormone is the one thing that cancels out all my fears -it’s the time I’m most likely to do something stupid – again I know I’m saying nothing original here, just stating the obvious.

At one time, I’d have been straight into the car to drive to the garage to by my cigarettes or outside smoking and fuming, fuming and smoking.

We used to argue a lot, a lot more than we argue now. I’m not easy to live with, I don’t think so when I get too angry or upset I try and remind myself of that, and he’s aggressive, or perhaps it’s the other way around. I’m not sure, but I tell you this. I’m very pissed off and I know it’s his fault completely and I want a divorce. I want a divorce now or maybe I want a cigarette. No I don’t. I’m not going to smoke a cigarette. I’m going to use my irritation and energy to do something useful – write this.

This article about stopping smoking with hypnosis which feeds the google algorithms the SEO keywords about how to quit smoking with hypnotherapy.

You see what I did there?

Yes I know I’m boring. Having to market a business is a boring matter and not for the faint-hearted. Do you not think, I’m much rather just practice my hypnotherapy? Of course I would. I love helping smokers stop smoking with hypnosis. There’s just a limited amount you can say about it – and I’ve been writing about the advantages of stopping smoking using hypnosis for a decade at least.

“Two years actually”

“A decade”

“Two years”

“Feels like longer”

“You’ve been writing blogs about how hypnosis helps to quit smoking and vaping for a year if you want to be really accurate.”

“I don’t. I want to feel less pissed off”.

Sorry, Google. I just wanted to re-assure you that I am human and it is my time I’m spending feeding you because I love you and want people who want to stop smoking be able to find me.

Anyway, when I used to get pissed off, I used to know what to do – I would smoke.

And the problem with that is, after we had the argument – my husband and I and I’d bought a pack of twenty or two

We’d make up or stop arguing at any rate and when we didn’t start the divorce proceedings as I thought we might I’d decide instead, by the following day, that I wanted to live long enough for my children to remember who I was – that’s right, the curse of an old mum,

And then I’d have to stop smoking again.  

Of course stopping smoking without hypnosis can be challenging. I’d experience  irritation and mood swings and generally unhappiness because I’d have to go through the whole withdrawal again. And I do hate a withdrawal and I know I’m not alone here. Fear of the nicotine is the element of the smoking trap that keeps smokers smoking – it’s not  dissimilar from fear of a withdrawal of any toxic relationship.

Imagine what you’d tell your child or best friend if they were spending their time and money in a relationship with someone who took their money, made them ill, made them look older, didn’t care about them, never gave them anything beneficial and found ways to keep them coming back.

What would you tell them to do?

Take nicotine patches, chew nicotine gum, watch videos on YouTube about how to stop smoking with hypnosis, find a hypnotherapist near you.

Do anything. But quit that relationship.

 Sometimes, I’d wean myself off cigarettes by using nicotine patches.

Of course now, most people use vapes to wean themselves off cigarettes although of course that’s just switching one bad habit for another.  

But now, I’m free of all that. Even as I write this SEO blog induced article about using hypnotherapy to stop smoking or quit smoking with hypnosis or however you want to phrase it, I know that I will never smoke again.

You see, I did stop smoking with hypnosis. I smoked for years and I quit smoking many times but never for long. Perhaps I was never ready to. I certainly didn’t consider the financial burden of smoking when I smoked. I believed at that point that I was enjoying my cigarettes. If I think I’m having a good time I don’t care about the money.

But when I stopped smoking cigarettes with hypnosis, I knew that was going to be it. It was perhaps the catalyst of losing my dad so horribly or perhaps it was the incentive that I could help others stop smoking with hypnosis but one thing I’m sure of is that I won’t smoke again. I don’t want to smoke again.

Hypnosis helped me find a place of peace with that bad habit at long last. The thing that I’ve arrived at most of all, is a gratitude for my health. I took my health for granted for so many years and now I just can’t conceive of valuing it so little.

Now I’m still a bit taken back that a person would be more driven financially to stop smoking than for their health. What could be more important to anyone but their health?

And it’s really odd that I’m thinking this as I write this, because at one time I couldn’t have envisaged writing without smoking: I’ve written all my life, books, plays, sketches and I always used cigarettes to punctuate my thoughts and breaks.

But once I made the decision to stop forever and used self-hypnosis to stop smoking I’ve never found it difficult to write. It’s never stopped me concentrating.

And tomorrow or the next day when if my husband and I don’t get a divorce I won’t have to give up smoking all over again.