Group Weight Loss

Whether you want to call it weight loss, weight reduction, weight management or weight release the abundant research done within the field of Clinical Hypnosis provides increasingly strong evidence for the positive impact that not only weight loss through hypnosis gives, but also the beneficial impact of experiencing hypnosis whether for weight loss, or stopping smoking,  within the format of a group. When I first began practicing hypnosis I didn’t imagine ever supporting more than one person at a time, which is strange having spent twenty years as a classroom teacher and fully understanding the benefits of group learning and the power of group experience. It was only really as a result of a rising number of my own one to one clients having successfully completed my four or six week weight loss programme and asking me if I could continue to offer something to support them in the future, something that would continue to instil that positivity and confidence that they’d gained, not to mention their impressive weight reduction that made me realise that group hypnosis was the way to go – at the very least for my existing clients who are already certain of the effectiveness of hypnosis in supporting weight loss. Please do check out my weight loss service and reviews to gain a better understanding of what my weight loss course is all about.

So what exactly are the benefits of group hypnosis?

Well, that’s an excellent question….if I don’t say so myself.

 Apart from the obvious financial advantages: as part of a group you can experience and invest in hypnosis sessions at a fraction of a cost of one to one; and the practical advantages – you can do it online from anywhere in the world, providing you have Zoom, there is a real advantage which has only really begun to be researched or understood (within hypnosis) very recently. The beauty of group hypnosis and I do genuinely mean the word ‘beauty’ is that there is an amplification effect on the effects that those who experience it…experience. If you consider the difference between watching a film with a loved one at home and watching it with the same loved one at the cinema…what is the benefit of going to the cinema, when it’s the same film? The benefit here is the amplification of the experience. We are far more likely to process the experience more deeply and register certain aspects of the experience when they fulfil a natural social instinct as well as something introspective and personal. The same is true of hypnosis in a group. The need to connect to others is a natural driving force within most of us and studies reveal that when it comes to group hypnosis the impact of connecting to others through a common goal serves to enhance the experience profoundly. This has certainly been proved to be the case when it comes to group hypnosis for weight loss. Please do check out some of the links below which will take you to some studies in group hypnosis. The other aspect is of course the potential to meet others whose personal experiences and challenges can often shed light on your own. A regular meeting with like-minded others focused on maintaining a healthy, positive mind set enhances and strengthens the individual – it can also be fun! And why the hell shouldn’t it be?

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