How does an intolerant person cope with stress after a successful stop smoking hypnosis session?


You don’t know me, but if you did you’d know I’m not massively tolerant. That doesn’t sound too promising for a hypnotherapist specialising in stopping smoking or weight loss

or anything else for that matter does it?  

 But, let me assure you I’m very good at this hypnosis stuff and I’ve got some excellent systems in place for ensuring that I only work with people I feel I can help, want to help,

Love to help.

And…I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet…( actually, I do)

 I’ve got a really high success rate with my stop smoking hypnosis sessions so please do check out my Google Stop Smoking Hypnosis reviews if you’re considering quitting smoking with hypnosis. 

So what is it I can’t tolerate? Lots of things…yesterday it was a woman in the queue in Primark trying to soothe her baby by making the most hideous recurring “Shh” sound over and over again…

seriously it was torture. I had to summon up every ounce of my control not to walk over to her and tell her to stop abusing her baby and everyone else in that awful Primark queue. She somehow managed to make the sound, aggressive and jarring and I’m fairly sure the only reason why the baby didn’t punch her in the face is because it was a baby.

I’m aware that you probably think that it’s me who is unreasonable and putting my own needs before that of a baby, but believe me the sound was so harsh and un-soothing it  disturbed my very own noise tolerant 9 year old and another 4 year old who was with its parent and soon began crying, probably oblivious to what it was unnerving her….

but I knew…

I couldn’t get my hackles to go down…not even with swearing. Every thick black hair on the back of my spine was standing on end. I could have swung from a rope.

Now back in the day, when I was smoking twenty a day, thirty on a night out, I would have relieved my stress and frustration by leaving the shop and sparking up a cigarette outside.

 I would have used the excuse of a stressful situation to stand outside and kill myself slowly by ingesting cigarettes into my body whilst my two angelic children who still call me mummy, could do nothing but stand and watch.

“mummy needs a fag”, I would have lied. Because we all know, nobody needs a fag. Cigarettes kill, they steal all your money and health first and then you die.

So what does one do when you’re suffering with stress? How does one cope with incredibly high levels of boredom. I’ve never been good with either boredom or stress…If I’m honest I prefer stress to boredom but my body doesn’t cope well with stress so what do I do now I don’t smoke?

 What do my clients do once they’ve had their stop smoking hypnosis session?

It’s an important question because, one thing is for certain, stress isn’t going anywhere soon. Yes, I might never see that awful woman with her ‘shhshing’ baby again

But what about the woman next to me on the treadmill….whose got my favourite place by the window…the one whose been walking for my last 5k run, who’s been walking and scrolling through her phone…stealing my energy with her snails’ pace. Every time I want to speed up, I get hit with a wave of her apathy. Why would you come to the gym just to do o exercise over a long period of time. On the plus side my irritation makes me heart accelerate faster even if my run doesn’t do the job.

I’m intolerant. You get the idea.  So what do I do? What do you do once you’ve experienced hypnotherapy to stop smoking permanently.

Well, there are a number of things you can do to manage stress once you become a non-smoker and they’re all better alternatives to smoking.

You can walk; you can mediate; you can dance; you can run; you can twirl; you can hit yourself in the face and say “I don’t smoke and I’ll never smoke again.”

But most importantly, most effectively, you can learn easy ways to change your mood through using your breath.

I can imagine that right now this doesn’t sound too inspiring or even believable, but I promise you it’s the truth. That’s why I start every Hypnosis Stop Smoking session with an excellent technique called Bilateral Stimulation, which brings nicotine cravings and stress levels down from a high level to a level to a place where the client is craving or anxiety free. 

If you’re in any doubt as to the effectiveness of this technique, please visit my website stop smoking services page on this website where you will see the client experience instant relief from their cigarette cravings before we’ve even begun the hypnotherapy stop smoking session.

You can also find me demonstrating this simple technique on my YouTube channel by following this link

Obviously, such a technique is only attractive if you’ve already decided that you would like to be a non-smoker and that you’d like to discover ways of alleviating your stress that doesn’t involve smoking.

If that’s you and you want to become a non-smoker – and you’re looking for a hypnosis to stop smoking near me, you’ll find me in Hertfordshire, that said I feel I should let you know that hypnosis works just as effectively online as it does face to face.

To book a free discovery call with me use this link to my calendar.