How effective is Hypnosis to Stop Smoking?


Most people do a little research into hypnotherapy before deciding they’re ready to stop smoking using hypnosis.

Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking involves an investment in money and time. Sessions range from £80 to £1000 and of course there are times when these services will be offered for no financial rumination at all, but generally hypnotherapy to quit smoking whether you want to have hypnosis to stop vaping or smoking is quite expensive.

If you want a stop smoking session with me, I charge £350 and one of the reasons why I’ve settled with this price is because it feels right to me. It’s high enough that it will put off people who are not serious about wanting to stop smoking and its low enough that it still constitutes a rapid saving within two months for most people who smoke but intend to smoke.

This idea then naturally leads onto the question: how successful are you in helping people to stop smoking?

Because ultimately most smokers wouldn’t hesitate to spend £350 on stopping smoking with hypnosis if they knew for certain the session would be successful and they were going to stop. Unfortunately nobody is certain that hypnosis is going to work when they first get in contact and whilst I can assure my clients I have an excellent success rate, I can’t guarantee success and for many that uncertainty of success is a strong enough reason not to book the stop smoking session.

Whilst it wouldn’t be ethical for me to guarantee success, I can guarantee an exceptionally strong chance that if you’re ready to stop smoking than you will find hypnotherapy an excellent support and the vast majority – I would say at least 80% of the people who come to me to quit smoking, do so.

One thing I’ve found recently, is that by offering an additional free session to smokers who have come to me for hypnotherapy following their stop smoking appointment that my results in clients who succeed in stopping smoking has further increased.  I believe this is because often during the first session or following it the client can experience challenges that had previously been masked by the smoking habit.

For instance, a client I had recently (he has given me permission to speak about our session) seemed to have a really enjoyable session. We both laughed and he went into trance easily; his imagination was powerful and he left my house relaxed and not in any desire to smoke. A few hours later I got a call from him saying that he was absolutely “gagging” for a cigarette and asked if this was normal.

Truthfully I had to say ‘no’ it wasn’t ideal and I’d need to see him again quickly. Unfortunately he couldn’t see me that day and I was worried that he’d smoke because he’d already said how angry he was feeling. It wasn’t looking good.

He contacted me again the next day and told me that he was feeling a lot better and promised to contact me if he was feeling like he was about to smoke. He believed that the work we’d done had stirred up some upset about his younger self – he remembered that he’d started smoking when his dad had left.

Interestingly he explained that when he’d articulated the discovery of his unresolved anger towards his dad to his wife the desire to smoke disappeared – he suddenly knew what the cause was and in knowing it, the power that cigarettes had over him, diminished.

If it wasn’t for that second session which I offer I would most probably never have had that conversation with my client and most probably he would have gone away thinking that the stop smoking session with hypnotherapy hadn’t worked. However, the ongoing support with me was enough for him to acknowledge that this was a process and in his case after our session he still experienced some craving and then anger.

Of course I’d much rather all my clients had an easy time with it. I’d like them all to come, have a fun hour and a half session and simply stop smoking and never have a single desire to smoke again  – and that does happen, but it doesn’t always happen and I don’t want to say it does.

But it happens enough and what happens most of the time when people come to me for support in stopping smoking is that that’s what they do: they stop smoking.

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