How I run a stop smoking hypnosis session

How I run a stop smoking hypnosis session

How does Hypnosis work to Stop Smoking and how do you know it’s the right time for you to Stop?

Despite the fact that I’ve been successfully helping people to stop smoking with hypnosis for a while now It’s still a question that alludes me – a bit.

So let me try and convey it in the way that I understand it – although please understand

My understanding is mostly experiential. The more I delve into hypnosis, the more of an expansive labyrinth our minds present themselves to me

A mystery that seems to unravel to infinity.

Sorry, please come back! I’ll stay on track.

Perhaps if I outline the process, you’ll find me less irritating.

The first thing that happens for me with a stop smoking with hypnosis session, is that someone will get in touch with me, either by phone or email.

 If the person has come via a referral, it’s an easier start because that person already  has had some kind of positive experience of hypnosis and knows that hypnosis has been really effective for stopping smoking for someone they know and trust.

Hence they got in touch.

If it’s someone who is making contact with me for the first time and hasn’t read any of my reviews, or watched any of my YouTube videos or TikToks then I will spend about fifteen minutes talking with them to find out about their smoking habit and if they are really at a stage where they are ready to stop smoking and are happy to risk investing the same money that they spend each month smoking, improving the quality of their health and potentially saving their lives instead

 –  I know I know it’s a lot to risk.

If the client is on board and ready to use hypnosis to stop smoking, we will book an hour and a half appointment, most frequently over Zoom.

If it’s someone who has read my smoking reviews on Google, or watched my videos or TikTok’s on the subject of smoking (and still hasn’t been put off) by my candid way of speaking then the conversation can generally move quite quickly to the underlying causes of the smoking habit…or mutual understandings within the realm of self-destructive and sabotaging behaviours, which I have a wonderful familiarity of.

Basically, I understand.

Although, learning about your personal history is not an essential prerequisite to the effectiveness of hypnosis. A hypnotherapist can work entirely content free.

But I’ll level with you here…I’m always pretty curious about the people I work with. It’s partly why I love being a hypnotherapist. And one of the reasons why I really enjoy working with smokers is that it’s rare that there isn’t some kind of common ground.  

During that initial telephone conversation, I will explain that the clients who come to me to quit smoking with hypnotherapy will find it completely different from any other form of stopping smoking, because in hypnosis the client will not be relying on their conscious part of their brains to stop smoking this time.

Why would you? If you are anything like me, you’ve probably tried to stop a hundred times using your conscious mind along with patches, gum….telling yourself all the reasons why you’d rather be fitter, cleaner and richer…

and it doesn’t seem to make any difference does it?

And that’s because the little demon which runs your smoking habit, is not a part of your conscious mind.

Nope, you’ll find that part of you buried in its cosy nest, wrapped up snugly in by all the best practical reasons and good intentions, and logic you can wave a stick at…and it’s always waiting, in its ready position, to explode out of them, at a party, at work, when your bored, when it didn’t go your way, when you’ve had a fight with someone you love, when you’ve split up, when you’ve got back together, when you’re concentrating on some creative project, when you just can’t imagine ever feeling strong enough or good enough to walk away from the habit forever.

Anytime. It will tell you. “I’m too anxious”. “I can’t do this without you.” “I’ll always be here for you and you can trust me.” “I’ll make you high immediately.” “It will be like coming home on some profound level” “you know I’m only going to make you feel better for five minutes, but come on, isn’t the myth of fun, better than no fun at all?”

Wow! Can you feel that trigger or is it just me?

But I won’t. I’ll never smoke again. The hypnosis I did on myself created too much of  a seismic shift within the realm of my unconscious mind.

Which is why in hypnosis that’s the part the hypnotist communicates with.

So just in case, I’ve come off track again. When you come to a stop smoking session in hypnosis, the hypnotist….me in this case, will speak to your unconscious mind by putting you into a trance.

And trance is a difficult thing to quantify or explain and not everybody agrees with the definitions of it.

But let me say this:

It is not the same as being asleep. You will be able to hear what I say, you will be able to respond to what I say, either by movement or by speech and the two of us will be in communication with each other.

 You will not be quacking like a duck or doing anything that’s supposed to be funny, but isn’t really that funny at all, unless that’s what you’re paying me to help you with and because I’m discriminating about what I find funny, it will be double the price if you want to quack like a duck.

 Some of my clients have described their hypnotic trance  to me as being like a state in between sleep and dream but It’s entirely personal.

In your hypnotic trance I will ask your unconscious mind if it can find something else it would rather do for you other than smoking and your amazingly powerful unconscious mind will come up with things appropriate and appealing to you which are better for your health and self-worth. We will also explore ways for you to shed some old baggage – if you have any at all.

And in the process you will discover new strengths and resources that will boost your confidence and ability to make other positive powerful changes in your life.

I use a few different hypnosis protocols in my stop smoking session, depending on the client and I always leave the client with some tools to reduce anxiety or craving should they still experience it in the future but my hope is always that they don’t need to use them…because by the time the session has finished…

In their minds, they have already stopped smoking.

And our minds are the only place where the difficulty lies in the first place.

To learn more about hypnosis or book a free consultation with me to stop, follow this link.