How much is hypnosis to stop smoking?

How much is stop smoking hypnosis

You’ll probably be very unsurprised to learn that the most common question I get asked first as a hypnotherapist specialising in stop smoking hypnosis is:

What is the Stop Smoking Hypnosis Cost?

I generally try my best to avoid answering the question in the first five minutes of a call, not because it’s too expensive and I’m scared of giving the prospective client a heart attack and making them choke on the only miniscule puff of breath available to them from the shrinking capacity of their lungs.

No, that’s not the reason. The reason, I avoid answering the question relating to the cost of stopping smoking with hypnosis is because the prospective client is not understanding the true value of the service which uses  hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes.

You see, what the question fails to grasp is that when a person stops smoking with hypnosis or indeed when a person stops smoking at all, whether it’s through the use of nicotine gum and the NHS support group or through the use of patches, or stop smoking self-hypnosis it is not costing them anything at all…

That’s right because, they are going to start saving money immediately.

‘How much will stopping smoking with hypnosis save me’? That ought to be the question…

And then I could ask you, do you mean financially or physically?

My answer would be

A lot.

Ask a doctor.

Their answer would be:

A lot.

You will save a lot of money. Yup, loads. Each month you will save a lot of money and that money will accumulate over years…for the rest of your life, your life, which will now be a lot longer seeing that you’ve stopped smoking.

When I consider that I smoked for 40 years, it hurts me to think that I could have bought a house with that…. at the very least.

I do understand though that the prospective client doesn’t see the real value yet because most of the time they don’t really understood what hypnosis is, how it works, and how effective hypnosis to stop smoking is.

If this is something you’re considering and you’d like to know more about how a session works, the best thing to do is look at a few stop smoking hypnosis online sessions. I’ve shared a few of my entire sessions on YouTube which you could either look at by means of research or just use to stop smoking for free. I’ve known people that have stopped smoking using someone else’s recorded session…so why not try that?

That way the answer to the question

‘What is the cost to stop smoking with hypnosis?’ will be absolutely zilch.

And if that works I couldn’t be happier for you. Because I can tell you this as someone who smoked most of my life, stopping smoking was the best thing I’ve ever done.

As for the actual price, well that depends on the hypnotherapist. Some charge as little as £100 others charge up to a £1000. The best thing to do is take some time to have a look and find a therapist you feel is right for you.

Please do feel free to watch one of my sessions on my website or YouTube channel at

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