Hypnosis to Boost Confidence


If you are reading this blog, you will probably already know that I’m a hypnotherapist. What you might not know is that I’m a hypnotherapist specialising in using hypnosis for confidence and success.

Naturally confidence and success mean very different things for different people. Some people first begin searching for ways to improve their self-worth with hypnotherapy following a break up of a relationship. The vast majority of people who explore hypnosis for social confidence do so following a trauma within a personal relationship.

For many people, particularly people who have had historically difficult relationships, find themselves in significant relationships which undermine their self-worth and self-confidence. People of both sexes who have been trapped in relationships where they’ve experienced gas-lighting, serial infidelity and sometimes a life built entirely on fabrication will sometimes experience a total breakdown of the nervous system and believe themselves to be at fault and broken.

Untangling from a difficult relationship or breakdown can sometimes take a long time to recover from. However, hypnotherapy can be integral for creating a space to heal, to let go of unhelpful emotions and rebuild confidence and overcome self-doubt.

Whist hypnosis for self-belief is valuable in terms of our abilities to enjoy successful relationships, hypnosis is also a powerful tool in motivating us to overcome limiting beliefs and move towards our life goals. For most of us, what we think we can or cannot achieve is set for us early in our lives through what we are told by our parents, siblings, teachers and peers. Often these ideas about what we can achieve are formed before the age of nine before we’ve developed our skills.

My youngest daughter plays tennis at a performance centre and I remember one time a group of us had arranged to play for fun. One of the parents said of all our children playing quite seriously “well it’s not like any of them are going to be going to Wimbledon are they?”

Even if I wasn’t a hypnotherapist, I would have been shocked at the parent’s lack of awareness at the powers of such a suggestion. One thing would be for certain, his child, however good they might be, would not be going to Wimbledon, because the parent had already put a limit to what they could achieve – the child was under 7. How on earth can such a prediction be made? It can be made on probability and chance and adults have that knowledge and with that tiny bit of knowledge they can do a lot of damage. What our unconscious minds hear and believe exerts great power on our self-belief and self-worth and also are confidence and motivation to achieve our goals.

Having experienced a complete loss of confidence in performance many times throughout my own life, I am particularly excited with the opportunity to use hypnosis to build confidence, especially following a set-back. It is far too easy to believe the voices of doubt and fear are ‘reality’ and the voices of excitement and passion are ‘dreams’ but that is because we are taught to regard negativity as reason and logic and positivity as naivety. By fusing the tools of hypnosis which talks to the unconscious mind with NLP, which can reprogramme the message system in your mind, people can enjoy a complete transformation in their abilities to step into a place of confidence and self-assurance.

If you are looking to enhance your confidence with hypnosis get in touch with me and we can plan a four or six week programme which will take you from a place of doubt and fear to confidence and assurance