Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

I went to a really interesting BNI meeting in Hertford which is near where I live. Amongst the many interesting business owners I met was a person who happened to mention that that she was a smoker and had tried hypnosis to stop smoking but had not been successful with it. She said “Hypnosis doesn’t work on me”.

I wasn’t there to try and convert her. I was there to learn how I could grow my hypnotherapy practice. But as an ex-smoker it’s always interesting to me to talk about the various pain points a smoker experiences.

And typically the one that most of us can agree with is that the reason why most smokers don’t stop smoking or vaping is because they can’t bear the thought of withdrawal….it sucks.

Most of the smokers or vapers that have come to me for hypnotherapy to stop smoking have tried to stop smoking in the past but have found the irritability, cravings,  and anxiety too much. Most of them, will have a cigarette the moment they wake up or sometimes after a coffee or tea. Most of them will punctuate their working lives and the times of stress with a cigarette. Most of them will say that the thought of going out for a drink without a cigarette just seems an impossibility.

But yet they want to stop smoking. They want to be free. They know that they spend their lives guiltily putting something into their mouths that is cutting their life short at best.  

What if I was to tell you that when you use hypnosis to stop smoking, the cravings and anxiety will be considerably reduced and sometimes eliminated altogether.

What if I was to tell you that far from feeling irritated and resentful that you’ve given something up that when you quit smoking with hypnosis, you will feel reborn and excited to have the breath of your lungs given back to you.

What if I was to say to you that when you engage is a smoking cessation programme with hypnosis you will be automatically freed from the underlying guilt and lack of confidence in your ability to quit that you will simply walk away from the habit forever.

And it will be easy and it will be enjoyable. But what about the lady who I met at the BNI meeting. It didn’t work on her. That’s true, hypnosis doesn’t always work on people, but as we were chatting I said

“do you want to try something out just now?” She said why not, so I got her to imagine she couldn’t move her hands and they were stuck to the chair. If you would like to quite smoking with hypnosis follow this link and we can talk about how you can start your prgoramme.

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