Hypnosis To Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Hypnosis To Stop Smoking Cigarettes

So let’s talk about smoking

or rather how you can use hypnosis to stop smoking easily – much more easily than you have perhaps ever imagined.

If you are still smoking, I’m guessing it’s either because you don’t really believe you can stop smoking without experiencing an ongoing sense of loss and anxiety or perhaps you still place a value on it.

I understand that.

I smoked for years and tried to quit many times and it was only once I reached the decision to stop smoking and then used self -hypnosis to stop smoking  that I finally gave up the habit for good.

Before you can use Hypnosis to help smoking – or rather use hypnosis to stop smoking, you have to be in that place where you no longer place a value on it.

Of course you remember that you once enjoyed it when you were out with friends having a drink but you now recognise that the horrible feeling the day after smoking or even the hour after – sometimes even during are simply not worth it.

Perhaps although you get some satisfaction from that first drag of each cigarette in the morning, with your coffee or tea or after a meal, you now recognise that you place a greater value on enjoying your body and your health.

Perhaps, you’ve got to that point where the stench of cigarette smoke on your clothes and the guilt of throwing minutes of your precious time on this planet with your kids outweigh the five minute distraction from your work….

from the enhanced concentration it lends you whilst you edit, reflect, compose, shift, contemplate, analyse, synthesise, process  or create –  fuck it…let’s go all of the above!

Just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

If you’ve got to that point, then maybe you saw an advert and thought, ‘That’s it. Enough!’ and googled: ‘Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Online’ or typed in those most often typed words when it comes to Hypnotherapy to stop smoking, which is actually ‘Hypnosis to Help Smoking’

And you got this blog!

Aren’t you the lucky one?

You really are because if you’ve got to that point where you no longer place the same value on smoking that you once did and you’re ready to stop smoking with hypnosis today,

Then let me tell you, you’ll be surprised. You will.

 You’ll be surprised and amazed. And the really wonderful thing about quitting smoking with hypnosis is that you will not experience that anxiety or sense of loss that may have been a concern of yours, perhaps even the reason why your previous attempts to stop smoking didn’t work.

The way hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes works is that whilst you experience a trance I will connect to that part of you that runs the smoking habit and you will gain an understanding about the positive function that your unconscious mind has been fulfilling for you. And once you know this, both consciously and unconsciously…

Your amazing creative and powerful unconscious mind gets to work finding new ways of enabling you to feel whatever it is that you need to feel that takes away the attraction and allure of smoking.

I’ve got a few incredible hypnotic processes that will make your stop smoking hypnosis session effective, depending on what you tell me about your preferences. But in your hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes session, you can expect to experience a trance, come away with an understanding about your old nicotine habit, feel motivated to begin your life free of smoking and most importantly experience a relief from all past cravings.

To find out more about how hypnosis can help, search ‘Hypnosis Smoking YouTube’ or contact me at Lara@lchypnotherapy.com or by booking a free stop smoking hypnosis discovery call by following this link https://calendly.com/larahypnotherapist/15min?month=2023-03