Hypnosis To Stop Smoking. The Best Thing I Ever Did


Hello, my name is Simon, and I would now consider myself a successful human being, I now work with the Metropolitan police although I was in a consultant for the fire service at the time most of this relates to. Anyway, I love my work and wanted to share my incredible journey and I how I was able to overcome my smoking addiction, although I don’t ever use the word addiction anymore.

I grew up in Lincoln, in a pretty dysfunctional home. My dad died of an early heart attack and my mum really struggled to cope with everything on her home and spent years in and out of abusive relationships.

Smoking Addiction: A Persistent Struggle

 I began smoking at a very young age, eleven or twelve. By the time I was 16, I was already a heavy smoker, going through 30 cigarettes a day. Over the years, I managed to conquer my struggles with cocaine and heavy drinking, but smoking remained a constant battle. Due to my job and the money really as well as my resentment towards smoking; I hated the way smoking kept me trapped and I’d always vowed not to be trapped by any person or thing, I began looking for radical ways to stop smoking. Obviously I tried stopping many times throughout my life but I never managed and the failure of it would make me feel hopeless. After one failed attempt to stop smoking by going cold turkey, I was even triggered to go on a drug bender that I hadn’t been on for years. That was the very last time, I did any drugs at all. That is until I discovered hypnosis and Lara Cox though an everyday online Google search.  I actually followed her Stop Smoking on YouTube for a few months before I got into contact with her. I was prepared to drive up from Aylesbury where I now live but ended up doing the session over Zoom, which was great.

The Vaping Trap:

One of the most stupid things I did when I stopped smoking the last time, was to switch to vaping, which I did about four years ago, believing it would be a way to wean me off the cigarettes. At the time it seemed like a step in the right direction. However, I soon found myself trapped in a new addiction. In fact it was worse because Vaping became even more problematic as I would wake up in the middle of the night to vape, disrupting my sleep and causing further dependency. Also because you can vape inside, I was vaping everywhere and was soon doing both, which is completely crazy.

Discovering Hypnosis:

Desperate for a solution, I turned to the internet, specifically Google, in search of effective methods to quit smoking and vaping. That’s when I stumbled upon the concept of hypnosis. Intrigued by Lara’s positive testimonials, I decided to give it a try. So after cautiously following her online for a while, I got in contact and booked and session to stop smoking and vaping.

My Transformation with Lara Cox:

Lara was really amazing, I felt an immediate connection and ease and was able to talk to her about more than the smoking so when she asked me to do a review, I offered to do this instead. We talked about writing and I told her that I’d written a couple of articles about work for online industry magazines. So here I am. I think one of the things that instilled my confidence was her confidence. She said she knew that I was going to stop and was confident of her abilities as a hypnotherapist. She explained how hypnosis works and reassured me that it was a safe and effective method for breaking free from smoking and vaping.

The Hypnosis Experience:

During the hypnosis session, Lara guided me into a deep state of relaxation. Through her soothing voice and suggestions, she helped change my subconscious mind and break the psychological and physical hold that smoking had on me. It was a truly transformative experience, unlike anything I had ever encountered before.

Breaking Free:

Straight away, I noticed a significant shift in my cravings and desire to smoke or vape. The urges that had plagued me for years began to fade away. Lara had armed me with techniques and strategies to combat any remaining cravings, empowering me to take control of my life and my health.

The New Smoke-Free Me:

Now, several months after my hypnosis session, I can confidently say that quitting smoking and vaping has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I no longer rely on cigarettes or vapes to cope with stress or seek comfort. My health has improved, and I feel a newfound sense of freedom and control over my life.


If you’re struggling with smoking or vaping addiction, I encourage you to explore the power of hypnosis. It was through a simple Google search that I discovered Lara, a remarkable hypnotherapist who has changed my life. Hypnosis has enabled me to break free from the clutches of smoking and vaping, and I believe it can do the same for you. Take that first step towards a smoke-free future and embrace the incredible transformation that awaits you.