Inside Out 2, and how Confidence can overcome Anxiety in hypnosis

Inside Out

Last week,

my family and I had the opportunity to watch the highly anticipated movie “Inside Out 2.” We had been eagerly waiting for its release and were not disappointed. The film introduces new characters within Riley’s mind, including ‘Embarassment and Anxiety.’

I highly recommend watching it if you get the chance.

One particular line in the movie struck a chord with me. As the characters witnessed Anxiety taking control of Riley’s mind, filling her with dread and worst-case scenarios, the character playing Disgust made an observation that resonated deeply:

She’s using Riley’s imagination against her.”

This moment in the film brilliantly highlights an important aspect of our lives as adults. With the onset of puberty, anxiety often plays a bigger and more influential role. While anxiety can be helpful in exercising caution, it’s crucial to manage it positively.

I found it incredibly powerful to see such a complex concept depicted so simply in a film aimed at children. It made me reflect on my own experiences and how they impact my daughter’s perception of pursuing her dreams.

Recently, I overheard my thirteen-year-old daughter expressing her desire to pursue a career involving public speaking. However, she mentioned that teaching seemed more realistic. While I would be thrilled if she chose to become a teacher (as she would excel in that role), I don’t want her to believe that going after what she truly wants is unrealistic.

This got me thinking about the messages I may have inadvertently conveyed to her over the years.

Have my own struggles with following my path left a stronger impression on her than the past five years, during which I transitioned from teaching to becoming a hypnotherapist?

It’s worth noting that I never gave up writing, even though it may not be perceived as a “realistic” dream by some.

In the field of Hypnosis, we use a powerful question to redirect anxiety away from controlling the mind:

“What if?”

What if pursuing your dreams was just as realistic as pursuing someone else’s?

What if

each step you take towards your dreams brings you more happiness and fulfillment than you could ever experience by settling for something that isn’t truly aligned with your desires?

It’s essential to empower ourselves and our loved ones to believe in the possibility of achieving our dreams. By reframing our mindset and actively pursuing what brings us joy and fulfillment, we can inspire others to do the same. Hypnotherapy for confidence can provide valuable tools to overcome anxiety and self-doubt, allowing individuals to embrace their true potential and fulfill their dreams.

If you have been struggling with confidence issues and would like to improve your confidence in presenting or performing than a programme of hypnotherapy for confidence will transform your life.

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