Is lack of confidence keeping you in a job you hate?

stressed teacher

I’m shit at interviews. At least I used to be. I don’t do interviews anymore.

And I will never do another  job interview as long as I live.

When I first went to see a hypnotherapist near me, it was for insomnia. I was having a breakdown. I was working in an Outstanding school, doing a 70 hour week with two young babies, on a probationary contract.

The combination of the school’s demands, the work scrutiny and the fear of not succeeding in gaining a full time contract ignited all my worst crippling self-doubts and impacted my ability to perform.

Whilst I went to the hypnotherapist near me, looking for help with my insomnia what I got was the beginning of a remarkable journey into the rebuilding of my confidence. I  hadn’t realised how traumatised I’d been from teaching.

I remember spending the first session mainly crying. It was just such a relief to be asking for help. We had a few sessions for insomnia and  I think I revisited her a year or so afterwards to help with  me becoming more confident to take the plunge and move into part-time teaching.  

Making the change from full time teaching to part time, meant interviewing again which meant improving my confidence in performance both in the classroom and the interview element and we did that.

The strange thing is, once you start understanding what the blocks or barriers to your confidence are, they become easy to reduce or illuminate altogether. Sometimes these blocks are experiences from early in your life, sometimes from recent events and sometimes they’re a combination of the two.

When we have bad or traumatic experiences that impact our confidence negatively, our unconscious minds store this information and in many cases replay the negative events associated with these experiences so that we keep reliving and recreating our pasts.

Through hypnosis I was able to discover new ways to re-organise the perceptual information gathered and held from my past trauma and challenging circumstances. I was able to re-access resources in my unconscious mind, positive, powerful resources, that have enabled me to rebuild my confidence, become a hypnotherapist myself and return to performing on stage.

Six years ago, I remember trembling outside of a classroom as I prepared to teach a difficult Year 9 group in Drama. I had to give myself affirmations just to calm down so I could face the students. I had to use tools like EFT and anchors just so I could walk into the classroom without giving away the nervous condition I was in. Now, I have the confidence to go on stage and perform stage Hypnosis shows.

It is for that reason that I love working with people who wish to improve their confidence so that they can move towards the job and life that they want to do whether that involves confidence in interviews or confidence in any kind of performance.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use hypnosis to improve your confidence book an appointment to talk to me on my calendar.