Phobia Hypnotherapy

Phobias are extreme anxieties which are usually detrimental to the person’s life.

As a hypnotherapist I have treated a range of phobias: spiders, small spaces, needles, driving, public speaking, hospitals, flying, being sick, slime and more and frequently the terror of eating certain foods. Phobias come in many different shapes and sizes and often appear irrational to outsiders and even those suffering with phobias themselves. Unlike other forms of anxiety, a person suffering with a phobia only experiences the terror when confronted with the object or the thought of that object. For example: a person who is phobia of spiders typically functions confidently in all other areas of their lives – as long as there are no spiders around. Unlike general anxiety, the phobia is only experienced when confronted with the actual phobia.

Phobia Hypnotherapy

Typically a person suffering from an extreme phobia will need a few sessions to clear it completely. I have successfully cleared phobias in one or two sessions but don’t like to make this promise as it really depends and sometimes it can take longer. Phobias are believed to be created during the first seven years of our lives often when we are too young to understand or process the feeling, thought or event that has caused it. Phobias can be created by experiences far less traumatic than people expect or are aware of, although, of course past trauma can be responsible for creating a phobia too. Regardless working with phobia requires regressing to the cause of that event or trauma. Clients sometimes worry that they won’t remember the events that triggered their phobias, but I’ve successfully treated people whether they can remember consciously or not and whether the client chooses to share the source of their fear or not. It is very possible for me to work with you without you having to tell me any of the details at all. This is called content free hypnosis and there are some real advantages in working in this way.

How will I treat phobia?

Generally, In the first session you can expect to be given a range of techniques that will reduce the phobia even before the hypnosis. I will also take you through a process which clears general tension and past trauma.  We will do some hypnosis and discover what we can about the route of your phobia. You will leave the first session feeling empowered and far more in control. In the second session we will do some work on the impact of events in your past as well as putting in positive suggestions for your future – you will leave this session feeling confident and optimistic. In the third session, once you’ve already succumbed to the incredible powers of hypnosis and your own abilities to lead a resourceful life we will do some part therapy where you get to meet some parts of your personality that you might not have even known were there – hypnosis is always weird and wonderful.

After your third session you will finish the session feeling confident that your phobia is gone and you can get on with your life having discovered how profound and powerful your unconscious mind is. Your experience of dealing with and triumphing over your phobia will leave you confident that you can control the direction of your life from now on.

Please check my reviews and click the video below to share this amazing moment of transformation and discovery when this client eats a range of foods for the first time after beating her food phobia of ten years.