Say “I do” to confidence: Hypnosis for Wedding Speech Empowerment.


If you’d rather have your eye poked out with a stick than speak in public you won’t be alone.

It’s a well-known fact that public speaking is ranked as the number one fear when it comes to performance anxiety. So what do you do?

Ignore it of course. Do everything you can to avoid speaking in public. Make sure that you take on a job that doesn’t require presenting to small or large groups of people. It’s not like it comes up to often.

One effective way of avoiding presenting at work, is wearing a brown paper bag over your head. I’m joking of course. I know it’s not terribly professional but I’m trying to ensure that the Google algorithms know I’m not a robot and the only way to do that seems to be by putting in the odd funny joke – because so far the AI jokes are as bad as all the ones you get in a Christmas cracker….

There’s just no nuance. None of that idiosyncrasy…that heart and skin stuff.

It turns out the human race does have some value after all.

Anyway that’s all good. Your problem is solved. You’ve decided to get a job where you never have to speak in public….

But what about the big day?

What big day. You know! You’re getting married. And suddenly, you’ve got to speak. In fact not only have you got to speak but it’s sort of expected that you’re going to be entertaining….

You’ve seen Huge Grant in For Weddings and a Funeral or right you haven’t, but Hugh Grant was funny in it and you know that whenever you’ve tried to speak in public in the past you weren’t funny. You were went bright red, your mouth went dry, your hands trembled, your voice went wavy.

In short, a funeral might have been a preferred option.

So what are you going to do?

 It’s obvious isn’t it?

Not get married.

Marriage is an outdated concept anyway. Your fiancé will understand and all the guests. You can’t just get rid of a phobia for public speaking because you’re getting married or can you?

Yes you can.

Did you know in just four sessions of hypnotherapy, you can clear your phobia about public speaking and plan for a wedding which involves you standing up and confidently delivering your wedding speech.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of clearing the past traumas that have created the flight, fight, freeze response that has made you dread public speaking dread speaking at your own wedding to the point you’d rather not get married at all.

In a programme to combat your anxiety for presenting, my hypnotherapy sessions will free you from the debilitating fear of speaking by laying down new neural pathways where you can imagine yourself standing up, breathing calmly, making eye contact with your loving and encouraging guests. Don’t let your fear of speaking at your own wedding, cast a shadow over what should be the most exciting day of your life.

Call me now, to book your ‘Hypnosis to Speak Confidently at your Wedding’ prgoramme and let’s start planning for your success. ink

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