Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Do you want to stop smoking permanently? Do you want to stop smoking now? Do you believe that you can’t kick the habit that has been destroying your life and health, because you are addicted to a drug more powerful than heroin? If so, you will be delighted to learn that you are wrong, and you can stop smoking with my hypnosis in just one session.

If you can relate to that feeling of hopelessness, you are in the right place. My hypnosis can have you quitting for good in just one session. My powerful Albatross protocol (ASSP) uses the powerful tool of hypnosis and modern neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to help you overcome your smoking habit and regain control over your health.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Quitting Smoking Myths:

Smoking helps me to relax

You might feel like smoking is a good stress-reliever, but the truth is: smoking increases your heart rate! Finding other relaxation methods can be very effective for quitting smoking.

It’s too late for me to quit

It is not too late! Most serious health problems associated with smoking cigarettes are caused by a serious impact on the body. When you quit, more oxygen returns to your vital organs. You’ll have more stamina, and a better heart rate and blood pressure.

I’ll fail anyway

Lots of people relapse after attempting to quit smoking, but by choosing hypnotherapy, you can rewire the psychology and triggers of your habit, and permanently gain control over your addiction.

–          Most relapses are learning experiences and better equip you to quit successfully next time! Using the amazing natural powers of hypnosis and your sincere desire to stop smoking, I can reprogramme the impact that powerful smoking memories have on your unconscious mind.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Right now, you might believe that cigarettes are your friends, who you count on and depend on, and remind you of good times – times when you felt invincible.

Despite all your logic and knowledge that smoking is seriously harming your health and shortening your life, you continue to smoke. You act unconsciously, driven by emotional triggers and physical cravings.

These emotional triggers and physical cravings (and all the other reasons you might have), are nothing more than burdens you carry around your neck, burdens that are strangling the very air out of your lungs. It’s time to stop suffocating from smoking and relieve yourself of the burden – shoot that toxic habit to the moon.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Me Quit Smoking?

Even the strongest of emotional triggers and physical cravings can be erased with the help of hypnotherapy. In minutes, I’ll teach you some effective techniques to reduce your cravings, rebalance your equilibrium, and keep you attuned to your goals.

Addiction is physiological (cravings and withdrawal) and psychological (behaviours and unconscious beliefs). Hypnotherapy targets triggers and motivations that happen subconsciously. Hypnotherapy also encourages clients to imagine negative scenarios and outcomes caused by smoking and build a new mindset towards smoking cigarettes.

If you are ready to stop smoking permanently, and you want to stop smoking now, then my ‘Albatross Stop Smoking Protocol’ is perfect for you. I offer powerful blends of hypnosis and NLP to enable you to quit today.

Stop smoking one session Stop smoking one session