The Life You Were Born to Live Confidence Workshop

Sunday, January 15th 2023 at 11:00 AM London

Welcome to the transformational confidence workshop, where I will share two powerful tools and a hypnosis experience that will enable you to find and step into the most confident part of you.

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'The Life You Were Born to Live Confidence Workshop' Hypnosis Workshop

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Confidence is great when we have it, it enables us to go forwards in what we want to do. It enables us to feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately things happen to knock our confidence and there are times when we want to feel good but just don’t.

This one hour confidence workshop will equip you with two life transforming tools to enable you to step into a place of energy and confidence and you I will share my most powerful hypnotic protocol for connecting you to that resourceful, confident part of you.

This workshop is ideal for you if you want to:

stop procrastination and get things done

Feel energised

Step into a place of empowerment

feel positive

Confidence! It's time to step into it. Join me!

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The Life You Were Born to Live Confidence Workshop
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