The most amazing offer to stop smoking with hypnosis you’re ever going to find and a story about a fish.

Me and the fish Webp

Two years Before my dad died

of lung cancer…

he asked me for hypnosis to stop smoking. 🚬

Okay, he didn’t ask. I can not tell a lie.

I said:

“I’ll do some hypnosis to help you quit smoking forever. 😵‍💫

And he surrendered.

He did genuinely want to stop smoking, though. He’d tried to stop smoking throughout his life; he’d tried to stop smoking with patches; he’d tried to stop with nicotine gum and even went to one of the NHS stop smoking services.

just not sure how convinced he was about hypnosis.

But he was my dad and he wanted to ‘support me’ so he agreed.

Anyway, whether he believed in hypnosis to stop smoking or not

we did the session. We actually did the smoking cessation over Zoom and he did stop smoking 💪

And they removed the bit of his cancerous lung.

All was well. He’d cheated Death once more.🏜️✋⚰️


we (his children) joked that it was only his various ailments that kept him alive 😇

– that delicate balance of emphysema, diabetes, obesity and good humour.

And then after Lock Down the Bridge clubs reopened and my dad started vaping at the card table. ♠️♥️♣️♦️🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬

It was only a matter of time before he was back on the cigarettes.

I didn’t offer hypnosis to stop smoking again.

By that time, I thought, He’s 79. He’s happy. 😊

Even if he did stop now, with all his health ailments, what difference would it really make?

And I thought about Bert, the goldfish

I killed.

When I was eight.

You see, my eldest sister, kept a goldfish

Or rather enslaved it in a plastic Tupperware bowl, which you couldn’t see out of. 🎣

She never cleaned it. The water was filthy, thick and green.

So one day I decided to save Bert. Bert, who had lived in filth ever since he was brought home in a plastic bag from a fair.

I found a glass bowl from the kitchen, one you could see out of and filled it with fresh, clean, cold water.

I couldn’t wait to save him and be his hero.

And the fish fucking died.


To my sister I was a meddler and a murderer.

So by the time my dad got his second lung cancer diagnoses I didn’t want to cajole him into taking drastic measures with his life.

I felt my dad had left it too late to change.

So I decided:

I would change on his behalf.

I would stop smoking immediately with self-hypnosis

and then use hypnosis to help as many other people escape the horrible smoking trap as possible.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been specialising in helping people to stop smoking with hypnotherapy and it turns out I’m great at it.

I never thought I’d be as good at anything as I am at writing. Turns out I’m great at hypnosis too.

And if my Dad knew what I was about to offer with the world’s leading hypnotist in stopping smoking, Freddy Jacquin

He’d laugh

and cough

and be very proud

Because… I’m….we

are so determined to help people stop smoking

that and on January 19th Freddy Jacquin

and I are collaborating (yup, can’t quite believe it myself)

and together are offering 40 people

an in person experience

a group stop smoking session for just £79

And because we both KNOW that you will stop smoking or vaping in that session

we guarantee that you will.

And if you don’t, we’re going to give you your money back. Yup, Christmas has just come early for every smoker and vaper…okay not every (40 for now)

If you know a smoker or vaper who lives close enough to travel to Hertford to stop smoking with Freddy Jaqcuin the number one world stop smoking hypnotist

and me 🤣

then please share this link to book one of the 40 spaces we’ve got.