The role of Fear in a Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

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By the time a person seeks the help of a hypnotherapist to stop smoking they have usually explored all other avenues beforehand – and I do mean ALL other avenues.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a smoker whether we’re talking cigarettes, vapes or weed in a stop smoking hypnosis session who hasn’t tried to stop smoking using their will power first.

Why wouldn’t you?

You don’t have to pay to use your will power; if you do use it you will derive great satisfaction from doing so and once you’ve used it to stop smoking successfully you can use it for any other area in your life. You don’t even need my consent. It’s entirely yours.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

It is. Bloody good – trouble is….

For most of my clients, it hasn’t really worked. If it did, I wouldn’t have my days joyfully filled with helping people easily quit smoking with hypnosis.

You may also be interested to know that stopping smoking with nicotine gum is also not that successful – statistically speaking, I mean. The same can be said for stopping smoking with nicotine patches. Only around 5% or 6% manage to stop smoking using these them.

I used patches on and off for years. It was great, sometimes I used them in between smoking when I was inside and it wasn’t convenient to smoke.  

And did you know you can get these tablets from the doctors that take away the effects of the nicotine withdrawal altogether.

Hey, Smoker! Come back!

Before you rush off and try your darmndest – not a real word I know – to schedule an appointment with your doctor, you might as well hear the stats on that too….

That’s right. Total Crap! Under 6% of smokers stop with them too. 

So how comes smokers are so reluctant to hand me over their cash so I can help them stop smoking immediately using hypnotherapy?

Perhaps I should rephrase that so I sound less like a con-artist, less of a charlatan out for your cash with no concern for your well-being. Though why a person with no concern for the well-being of others would find themselves working as a hypnotherapist is beyond me, if I sound a little unscrupulous, it’s really only to amuse myself and lighten the tone…

The hypnosis community can be quite heavy with empathy and earnestness – we’re all so fucking nice.

But there was one time I was called a con-artist once and it still hurts, I can’t lie:

I had an unfortunate event doing a mad woman’s party using stage hypnosis and because her 10 guests didn’t all experience hypnotic hallucinations and believe they were Elvis, she’s been stalking me on social media ever since…every now and then she pops up to remind me of my failure and shout to everyone that she can that I’m a con artist.  

So tonight I thought I’d make a feature of it. Why not?

Please do look at any of my 36 5 star Google Reviews for Quit Smoking with Hypnosis along with the video testimonials on my website left by real sane people and balance it with the slanderous one star review left my the aforementioned mad woman who has pursued me with the vendetta of an ex-lover who was a little unhinged before you scorned them in some way, before you come to a decision about me either way.

Yes, It was traumatic for a while, but I’m beginning to let it go – these things can take me a while. I’m very sensitive you know. Of course I am, I’m a god damn hypnotherapist.  

I digress, only because I can count on half of one of my hands and feet who is likely to read any of this – might as well try and amuse myself at the very least.  

Anyway, the fact remains that nobody want to lose their money to a charlatan or a quack or a con-artist…

And I am not any of those things.

 But, let’s be clear about this. Sometimes hypnosis doesn’t work but if you compare the 90% success rate I have in my hypnosis to stop smoking session with the success rates of all the other ways to stop smoking, I’d say what I’m offering as a hypnotherapist is pretty awesome.

So why do people struggle to stop smoking with nicotine gum, patches and pills and find the process of hypnotherapy to stop smoking more effective?

The answer lies in the realms of your unconscious mind, which is the bit that a hypnotist works with as opposed to your conscious mind which is the part of your mind you will use when using patches, gum and will power. But as I’m sure you already know, smoking once you’ve learnt to do it, becomes an unconscious habit and if you want to change an unconscious habit, a hypnotist is your best bet.

So what’s with the fear? In case you’d forgotten in this long rambling mess of a blog, the question of fear was the initial ruse, I mean hook to engage you in my post.

In answer to my own question, most people and by most I’m including myself here too, are afraid on some level when it comes to making changes.

Sometimes smokers are afraid that the treatment won’t work and they’ll waste their money and then they’ll feel stupid as well as disappointed; sometimes smokers are afraid that they will never enjoy their life in the same way; they worry social occasions will leave them feeling disconnected. Others worry about managing feelings of stress and anxiety without their usual crutch.

And when a person is afraid they are often looking for a way out, an excuse not to go ahead.

The most frequent reason a person doesn’t follow through with me for a stop smoking hypnosis session, is usually financial. They find out how much the hypnosis stop smoking session costs and they don’t want to spend the money. They may mention cash flow or debts or living prices…all of which is understandable.

It’s £350 by the way, and if you’re smoking more than 10 a day you’ll make that back in a month.

But that doesn’t take away the fact there remains a small risk of failure to the smoker. And to that smoker, the risk of it not working doesn’t seem to be worth the potential loss of a month’s worth of money to pay for more cigarettes. Even though they know that by continuing in their habit they are risking their lives and destroying their health and the stats for that are overwhelmingly in the favour that the smoking WILL cause heart and lung disease. So if you looking for certainty you’ve got it.

If you want to learn more about how you can use hypnosis to stop smoking, follow this link and book a free consultation.