Title: Does Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Really Stop Nicotine Cravings?



Nicotine consumption is a habit that millions of people struggle to stop. A growing number of people and certainly amongst the clients I’ve seen make a move from smoking cigarettes to vaping in an attempt to reduce the amount of nicotine that they are ingesting. And the biggest single deterrent from enabling people to stop smoking whether we’re talking cigarettes, cigars or vapes is fear of nicotine cravings.

Nicotine cravings are the effects a smoker gets when they nicotine starts to leave their bodies, which begins as quickly as twenty minutes but will take between two to three days to completely leave. The cravings are experienced as a result of changed dopamine levels in your brain and other factors. How smokers experience cravings can vary wildly and I certainly remember from my own years as a smoker to finding the cravings unbearable – and would inevitably end up smoking again.

 While there are various methods available to help individuals quit smoking, hypnosis has been an effective means of stopping smoking for hundreds of my clients. Please do check my stop smoking google reviews of visit my YouTube channel if you’d like to learn more about people’s experience stopping smoking with hypnotherapy.

The most common question I get asked during the discovery call with a smoker is will hypnosis take away all my cravings?

The honest answer is:

Sometimes, when you’re lucky.

Some clients do walk away after that first session and experience an absolute relief from any nicotine cravings but plenty of others have the second session which I include in the package because they are still experiencing some cravings.

Cravings can take many different forms and shapes and often the smoking habit can mask issues from the clients that only emerge once the smoker has stopped. However, the first thing I do with all my clients is equip them with tools in the first quit smoking session. I give my clients easy ways which we do together to reduce their cravings. If you watch any one of my recorded stop smoking sessions on Youtube you will see me demonstrate one or two of these easily applicable methods to reduce and eliminate cravings.

When I first worked with smokers to help them overcome their smoking addiction, I would tell them that nicotine wasn’t even an addiction and the impact is incredibly mild, which is partly true but not entirely. What exactly is a nicotine craving?  

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1.What is a Nicotine Cravings:

Nicotine is a chemical which alters the mind by releasing noradrenaline into the brain which has the effect of increasing two other chemicals which can reduce anxiety, improve focus and provide calming effects. This is why when many smokers stop they struggle. It is this psychological contingency that makes it so difficult for many.

2. How Does Hypnosis

One of the ways I help people deal with their nicotine cravings is by showing them two or three different techniques which create rapid change in the body by accessing different breathing mechanisms and using Chinese medicine energy systems. Moreover during the hypnosis sessions I will guide my clients into connecting powerful and motivating parts of their unconscious resources that will leave them feeling more empowered and able to imagine their life without cigerettes which helps diminish the pull of nicotine.

3. The Power of Suggestion:

One of the primary mechanisms through which hypnosis can help individuals quit smoking is by utilizing the power of suggestion. By providing positive affirmations and suggestions, I can influence your subconscious mind so that you associate smoking with negative experiences and create a desire to quit. This is often referred to as aversion and for some clients can be very beneficial.

4. Addressing Psychological Triggers:

Nicotine addiction often involves psychological triggers that drive individuals to smoke. These triggers can be stress, anxiety, social situations, particular people, boredom – anything at all really. Hypnosis can help you address these triggers by rehearsing during a hypnotic trance new ways of dealing with this situations you will experience a much easier experience stopping smoking.  

5. Managing Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms:

During the smoking cessation process, some individuals even following our sessions still  experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, cravings, and restlessness. In this situations, I invite my clients back for a follow up session to work on any of these things.  

6. Evidence and Success Rates:

I have an excellent success rate with hypnosis to stop smoking and whist I can’t offer a guarantee that you will stop, I can guarantee that you won’t find a more effective or successful way to stop smoking than hypnosis.


In conclusion, hypnosis can be an effective way  to quit smoking and overcome nicotine cravings.

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