Title: Rewriting the Narrative: Empowering Self-Esteem through Hypnotherapy and Relationship Healing

Eve Biting Applie

Subtitle: Discover the Transformative Power of Hypnosis for Building Confidence in Relationships


For most of us regardless of how career orientated we are, our relationships play a pivotal role in our well-being. These relationships might not necessarily be marital or romantic but frequently they are and as a hypnotherapist I frequently see people who are coming to me to deal with traumatic circumstances within their relationships or revelations, breakups and heartbreaks – all the good stuff!  

I am fortunate now to enjoy a stable and loving marriage but that was not always the case and for a long time, I neither sort stability or could even cope with it. During a twenty year period which was punctuated with enjoyable romances as well as traumatic relationships I was compelled to delve into my psyche and confront my issues of low self-esteem, and shallow disregard for my own as well as others well-being.

I don’t think I viewed it like that at the time, but it got to the point that I became aware that if I wanted to enjoy a healthy, functioning relationship I’d need to work on myself.

When I look back now at my twenties, I regret my poor behaviour and poor judgement at times, but I also have to accept that these life experiences were unconsciously the experiences I sought.

In that respect, I am Eve biting from the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden.

Even knowing  now that biting the apple would mean permanent exodus from The Garden, I suspect I’d still take a bite.

 I’d like to think, though that I wouldn’t persuade Adam.

If he doesn’t share my intrigue for knowledge than frankly he’s too dull to come on the adventure out of the garden with me. I’ll go on my own and he can keep his rib.

What is my point to this and how really does it relate to re-writing our narrative and empowering our self-esteem through hypnosis so that we can enjoy productive and joyful relationships that enrich our lives and support our confidence and ability to be our best versions of ourselves?

It’s a good question.

I’m glad I asked it.

And the truth is: that whilst we are largely products of our earliest relationships that we form with our care givers, siblings and significant nurturers (or lack of) impact our later choices in all our relationships and lay the foundations for patterns in our expressions of love and sexuality we absolutely have the capacity to change and to recover from early traumas.

Fortunately, there is a powerful tool that can help us rewrite our narrative and reclaim our self-esteem: hypnotherapy.

I have helped countless clients empower their lives by healing past wounds and fostering confidence in  their relationships.

Below here are some of the strategies I use with clients who are seeking to recover from heart break, or leave narcissistic or abusive relationships or relationships that have been defined by jealousy and insecurity.


Sometimes my clients have experienced a sudden end to their relationships or they’ve discovered they’ve been gaslighted for years – their marriage partners have had countless affairs and long term relationships whilst sustaining the marriage. In this situation, in order to rebuild confidence the client has to come to terms with the closure of the relationship without the help of the partner and also to forgive themselves.

Frequently when we’ve been deceived and manipulated by someone we love and have invested in, we blame ourselves because we feel stupid and that we should have known. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of relinquishing a need to control others and for allowing yourself to experience the gift of unconditional self-love and forgiveness.

I believe forgiveness to be one of the most valuable human emotions we have both for those who hurt us and ourselves.

It is vital for my clients to understand I can’t help them keep hold of a relationship or to promise a happy reunion, the support of hypnosis will always be intended to rebuild  confidence and the relationship the client has with themselves. By healing the wounds of trauma through hypnosis you will allow your confidence to build and will naturally be able to move on and be present and engaged in life after the relationship.  


Sometimes, it is helpful to revisit early childhood experiences so that patterns can be revealed to the client. It is frequently easier to de-potentiate the impact of trauma experienced through a child’s eyes when it is looked at again through the eyes of an adult. Trauma doesn’t have to be huge like sexual abuse or abandonment, it can come in much smaller sizes. And the great thing is that sometimes just seeing the connection between an early trauma and an adult expression of it, is enough for a client to be able to change it.

That is not to say that hypnotherapy is like counselling where hours are spent discussing damaging events from a person’s childhood.  Frequently, a childhood block can be experienced and dissolved using hypnosis without discussing the content at all. During a hypnotic trance a hypnotic subject can be guided by their body’s sensory system and track back feelings, images and sensations to difficult events in order to change them, improve them and free the person from the block, fear and reoccurring expression of pain.


Once we’ve looked at past blocks and the impact of shock and trauma, we can use hypnotherapy to build confidence and self-belief. This might take the form of recognising your own boundaries, recovering trust in yourself to move forwards. During our hypnosis sessions I will give you tools that enable you to step into confidence as well as tools to counteract the impact of negative self-talk and past negativity from others. These tools are often simple to use. Sometimes I will show you EFT, affirmations and NLP as well as using trance and suggestion.  


Within just a few hypnosis sessions you will already be feeling an incredible shift and by the third of forth session you will be in an ideal place to enjoy powerful hypnosis for confidence and creativity. There are many powerful techniques for experiencing a rebirth in your confidence. More often than not, it is the belief or lack of belief in a person’s ability to be happy or confident again that prevents them from feeling confident. Hypnosis for confidence works incredibly quickly and once again there are ways of easily integrating self-hypnosis into your life.  


To conclude this exploration of empowering self-esteem through hypnotherapy and relationship healing, it’s clear that the power to rewrite our narrative lies within all of us.

 By harnessing the transformative potential of hypnosis, we can heal past wounds, overcome insecurities, and foster healthy relationships. So, if you have experienced a recent divorce or breakup or have been bullied in the workplace and are ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation,

Let me help you begin to rewrite the narrative and unlock the confidence you deserve.

Remember, confidence and self-esteem are not fixed qualities. With the right tools and support, you can create a new story for yourself—one filled with self-assurance, resilience, and fulfilling relationships.

Let hypnotherapy be your guide on this transformative path towards a confident and empowered life.

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