Title: Unravelling the Difference: Will Power vs. Hypnosis in Quitting Smoking

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Breaking free from the clutches of smoking and vaping is a significant challenge faced by many individuals. It’s a challenge that I understand and remember all too well. While some people, like my own mum manage to stop smoking using will power alone, many, myself included use hypnosis to stop smoking.

In this blog I want to explore the difference between using will power alone and the significant strength you could experience when harnessing the power alone of hypnotherapy to help stop smoking. I do believe that whilst will power is largely a faculty of the conscious mind I do believe that through hypnosis you will find new ways to experience will power and strength.

1. Understanding Will Power:

Will power, often described as the force of self-control, is widely recognized as a crucial factor in quitting smoking. It involves summoning the inner strength and determination to resist cravings and overcome the psychological and physical dependence on cigarettes. Will power requires a strong commitment and a steadfast mindset. It is regularly reported through government surveys that 5% of people stop smoking using will power alone. It was always interesting to me that my mum who would have been considered far less strong minded than my day stopped smoking through will power alone whereas my dad for all his incredible mental strength and intelligence never managed to stop smoking using will power.

2. Hypnosis: A Powerful Ally in Quitting Smoking:

Hypnosis, on the other hand, offers a unique and natural alternative to using will power alone. This therapeutic technique taps into the unconscious mind, allowing individuals to access and address the root causes of their smoking habit. By guiding individuals into a deeply relaxed state, hypnosis can help reframe negative thought patterns, reduce cravings, and increase the motivation to quit smoking. One of the most powerful things that can be done using hypnotherapy to stop smoking, is to challenge the existing relationship a client has with their smoking habit. Many of my clients have reported that their cigarettes are their friends, something that keeps them company and that they rely on.

3. The Power of Suggestion:

One of the key differentiators between will power and hypnosis lies in the power of suggestion: will power relies on individual determination and conscious decision-making where individuals are having to manufacture motivating reasons to refrain from smoking, whereas hypnosis connects you to your unconscious mind where you have so many resources that will enable you to easily manifest strong, positive feelings and desires to remain smoke free.

4. Addressing the Psychological Aspect:

The Smoking habit encompasses not only the physical dependency on nicotine but also the psychological aspect of habit and ritual. Will power alone may struggle to address these deeply ingrained patterns. Hypnosis, however, can delve into the subconscious mind to unearth and reprogramme the underlying triggers and associations that keep individuals bound to smoking.

5. Creating New Neural Pathways:

Research suggests that hypnosis can potentially create new neural pathways in the brain, reinforcing positive behaviors and weakening the desire for smoking. By rewiring the brain’s response to smoking cues, hypnosis may offer a more comprehensive and long-term solution compared to will power alone. During my hypnosis to stop vaping and hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes I offer my clients a range of techniques which will aid them in changing their neural pathways.

Parallel Insights:

While will power and hypnosis differ in their approaches, there are definitely parallels to consider. Both require a strong desire to quit smoking and a commitment to change. One of the things we will do in a hypnosis to quit smoking session whether it’s to stop smoking marijuana or tobacco is to embrace new and exciting ways to live enjoyably without the trap of nicotine.


In the journey to quit smoking, the choice between will power and hypnosis ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and needs. To me, coming to hypnotherapy for help stopping smoking does not involve an absence of will power so much as an accompaniment to it. A person can not make a call to book an appointment with me to stop smoking without the aid of their will power. However, it is definitely worth considering the difference between using will power alone to stop smoking and using the additional support of your powerful unconscious mind.

By understanding the differences – I use the term ‘understanding’ quite lightly, between using will power and the unconscious mind to stop smoking individuals can make an informed decision and embark on a path to a smoke-free life.

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