Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Client Testimonial

Client Name: Elaine Sterne. Date January 9th 2022

I am 57 years old.  Since I was 16 I have periodically spent every year dieting, which in my case meant thoughtfully restricting myself of food or treats (as I term them) and then rewarding myself by binge eating anything and everything anytime I started to show results.  Also every waking moment of my life was filled with thoughts of food.   Planning every next thing I was going to eat, the crazy thing about it all being, I would do this whilst eating.  Almost telling myself I need more and more food.

In desperation and wanting to try one last time I started looking at hypnotherapy.   I began my thorough evaluation and found hypnotherapists but found their stiff and distant manner a turn off.  I knew I needed someone relatable and “human”.

During summer of 2021 I found reviews and details of Lara Cox.  Everything I found was very positive but I was sceptical.  I asked myself would this work for me? A few people had also warned me off hypnotherapy.   Something about what I was reading about Lara resonated with me so made contact and made a date for our first call.

From our first call I knew I had found someone who not only I could relate to but had also been on this journey.  I immediately booked my 5 appointments.  I felt I had been waiting all my life for this.

My first appointment was nothing short of a miracle.  It was like I had a brain reset on my addiction to food.  The switch that had been on all my life was reset.  I didn’t have to think of food, there was plenty.  I didn’t need to binge.  I didn’t have to think in that way anymore.

Every appointment this message was reinforced.   

Six months on my reset brain is still in place.   I only eat when hungry and my relationship with food is great.   What is better is my relationship with myself.  I am calmer and actually love myself more than I ever have.

This situation is natural.  Unlike when I was “dieting”, I never think of food.  When dieting previously all I thought about was food and when I could eat rubbish again. I also hid my addiction from my loved ones.  Sometimes staying up late to binge on food.  Anything I could eat lots of quickly without being found out. The weight continuesto come off but moreso I feel happy with my mind and how settled I feel.  Nothing is off the menu but I simply ask myself do you really want that or not.  

I am so grateful to Lara for the work completed with me and the life changing hypnotherapy that she has completed with me.  I face next year with so much hope and excitement. 

If you really want to lose weight, have tried many times but never stick to the plan than hypnotherapy could be the answer. By discovering the route cause of your weight, along with your personal triggers, together we can re-programme your subconscious to get you where you want to be.

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to aid your weight loss and will support your body’s natural desire to be slim. When you carry more weight than you wish or which is healthy for you it is most likely that you will have your own unique unconscious reasons for gaining or maintaining your excess weight. 

Here are some of the common reasons that people gain or maintain excess weight:

In addition to the common behaviour patterns that have led many to gain or maintain excess weight, there are often unconscious reasons that you may choose to hold onto your weight. 

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help you explore your unconscious mind and help you uncover powerful resources of strength that will enable you to shatter your own self-limiting beliefs, develop self-esteem and equip you with tools to combat negative behaviour patterns, emotional eating and food cravings. 

It is not necessary for me to know the cause root of any past emotional pain that may have triggered overeating or weight gain, although you may choose to explore relevant issues as part of your journey. 

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need before I start losing weight?

You will need four sessions for my weight loss programme and will see changes immediately. The changes you notice will depend on which areas you and I work on. 

If it’s food cravings that we treat first you will notice that you no longer wish to eat the foods you previously craved.

If emotional eating has been an obstacle in your previous attempts to maintain your desired body weight then you will observe an improved relationship between you and food. 

You will learn better techniques both in hypnosis and during our sessions for dealing with emotional issues rather than using food as a clutch. The speed at which you drop weight with hypnotherapy varies hugely depending on how much weight you have to lose and the issues surrounding your weight and how much you want to lose it. 

On average a person with more than a stone to lose can look forward to losing anything from between a pound and three pounds a week. Naturally, weight loss through hypnotherapy is vastly improved with exercise and improved knowledge and care over nutrition.

Weight Loss LC Hypnotherapy
Weight Loss LC Hypnotherapy

My Method

As a hypnotherapist, I will never tell you what to eat but will make suggestions for you to eat the foods that are healthiest for your body and refrain from eating those foods that have caused you to gain weight. 

Many people carrying excess weight suffer from low self-esteem or poor body image as a result of their perceived or genuine excess body weight. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of enabling you to reconnect to your body and begin the important journey of loving yourself regardless of your body weight. 

It is a common and disabling misconception to believe punishing yourself with judgement and disapproval is an effective way of motivating the body and mind to release its excess weight. Hypnotherapy will teach you how to allow your body and mind to release the weight in a natural and organic way which will increase your feelings of wellness and outlook in a multitude of ways.