What do you do when a client struggles to stop smoking with hypnosis?


It’s been one of those weeks…

Where a lot of stuff hasn’t worked as well or effectively as I’d like.

The few clients I’ve had to stop smoking with hypnosis have all needed a second session. It’s weird how I’ve not had to do a second session for a while and now three have come at once – like busses.

No, not like busses – busses don’t come.

Like trains then. No delete that, not only do trains not come but you still have to pay for the tickets.

Bastards! It’s daylight robbery.

So anyway, about this stopping smoking with hypnotherapy.

I’ve had to ask myself why a few of my clients have struggled this week.

They were enthusiastic, committed and all of them made a financial investment into quitting smoking in the single hypnosis session that I provide. All of them followed the instructions and didn’t smoke that morning and all of them experienced a complete relief from cigarettes cravings during the session.

So why the struggle? And what do you do when a client struggles to refrain from smoking after they’ve experienced hypnosis.

Well in my case, I offer another session free of charge.

Whilst it’s my expectation that a person wanting hypnotherapy to give up smoking is able to experience complete relief from the habit after a singe session, sometimes further sessions are required.

Of course what has to be managed here is my credibility as a hypnotherapist as having already
Presented the prospect that a complete cessation of smoking will be enjoyed after a single session, you can understand why someone expecting to only need one is experiencing…struggle.

What do you do to maintain credibility because once that’s gone the whole thing’s fucked and nobody is achieving the lifetime transformation they came for.

No what I mean?

Well what I do is be as honest as I can as much as I can whilst being confident that whether your stop smoking with hypnosis session requires one, two or three sessions, you will

Stop Smoking.

So don’t stop stopping smoking.

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy or whatever you want to call it, is the most effective and enjoyable way to stop smoking.

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