What Happened When I Stopped Smoking With Hypnosis

A personal account by Rachel Merryman

Chapter One – Standing Outside the Pub On My Own

Stopping Smoking had never been a priority for me. I wasn’t a particularly heavy smoker and for years I still enjoyed the camaraderie I shared with my friends whenever we had to stand outside the pub or club to smoke our cigarettes. But over time, my friends moved over to smoking vapes and then gave up smoking altogether so for a few years it was just me, standing outside the pub on my own, which didn’t seem that much fun.

Chapter Two – My curiosity is Piqued

It was when a colleague mentioned he’d seen a hypnotist over the weekend and had stopped smoking in one session, that my curiosity was piqued. I work for an events company and we’ve organised a couple of events that has involved stage hypnosis and I there’s always been a bit of me that wondered what it would be like to be hypnotised so when Mike mentioned that he’d seen a hypnotherapist to stop smoking and how well it worked I did some research and was quite surprised to learn the success rate that people have when they stop smoking with hypnosis compared to methods like nicotine patches. Anyway what appealed to me about the idea of stopping smoking using hypnotherapy is that lots of the reviews were from people who said that they weren’t craving the whole time and really it’s always been the fear of the craving that’s stopped me from stopping in the past, that and the smoking with a drink and my friends, but as my friend’s weren’t smoking anymore it seemed like the perfect time to stop.

Chapter Three – Searching For The Right Hypnotherapist Near Me

So, I chose the two hypnotherapists near me and phoned them both. Both of the hypnotherapists I spoke to offered a free consultation and both seemed very professional and easy to talk to. At the time I remember being put off by the price, the first one was four hundred pounds and Lara who I ended up going with was three hundred and fifty. If I’m honest, the expense almost put me off because I’m such a light smoker I probably don’t smoke more than five a day but when I considered that it was still two packs a week and the impact on my health over time, I knew that the money was actually really reasonable. If I did stop I’d make it back within three months and be in profit for every month of my life afterwards which undoubtedly would be longer because I’d given up smoking. And if I didn’t stop smoking, which I did think was a strong possibility at least I would know I’ve tried something to improve my health and have been open to a new experience.

Chapter Four – My Hypnosis Stop Smoking Session Becomes A Reality

In the end I chose to stop smoking with Lara because I found it easy to talk to her, we seemed to have some things in common so I booked for the following week. Lara asked me not to smoke before the hypnosis session which I found difficult initially and by the time I was ready for the appointment which we did over Zoom, I was feeling really irritated, which is strange because I’d have only normally had one or two at most by the time I saw Lara.

Chapter Five – Yes I Go into Trance and Have My Hands Stuck on My Head

The session itself was really relaxing and also fun because when I said I’d always been interested in the stage side of hypnosis Lara showed me a trick and got my hand stuck on my face. I think if I’m honest this put me in a really good place to stop smoking before we began. I don’t remember to much about the actual session because once I went into a trance I just felt a little dazed.

Chapter Six – I didn’t fancy a Cigarette

When I came out of the trance I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t even convinced I’d not want to smoke anymore but I didn’t tell Lara that. I said I felt great when she asked  how it was and assured her that I’d let her know if she was struggling with cravings or anything like that. But the weird thing is once I got off the Zoom, I didn’t fancy a cigarette and then a few hours later I still didn’t fancy a cigarette and then a few hours after that I still didn’t fancy a cigarette and that’s when I thought.

Chapter Seven – Oh My God. I don’t want to smoke.

And honestly, that’s pretty much how I’ve felt ever since I went for that hypnosis smoking cessation. I just haven’t wanted to smoke. And that was four months ago, so when Lara asked me if I’d do a review for her I said absolutely.