What is the Cost to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis?

Children vaping

Most of the time I love helping people to stop smoking with hypnosis. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling knowing that I’ve helped someone escape from such a horrible dependency. Smoking is such an insidious trap to be caught in and now thanks to the comparatively new nicotine kid on the block ‘vaping’, things are even worse:

Millions of people are vaping. Millions of kids are vaping; they’re smoking strawberry flavour and chocolate flavour death.

 And thanks to adverts that promote the move from smoking cigarettes to vaping people who were smoking cigarettes are now smoking instead – or as in many of the cases of people I speak to, both. It really bewilders me: as a hypnotherapist, it’s complex for me to promote my hypnosis business on Google ads because there are strict laws which protect the public (quite rightly) and offering help to smokers using hypnosis to stop is classified as potentially unethical and dangerous.

You might well ask, I certainly do:

How comes it’s okay to encourage millions of people to take up vaping – a habit which overtime constricts your lung capacity but it’s not okay for hypnotherapists like myself to offer a service using hypnosis to quit smoking?

It really does beggar belief. The only explanation I can conceive of is that the billions of pounds that smokers give to the government for tax, makes the advertising to switch from smoking to vape instead far less dangerous and concerning. I must confess I’ve noticed myself that when my pockets are full and I’ve got a lovely holiday booked, some new clothes in my wardrobe and a fridge stacked with quality healthy food, I feel much less concerned about a variety of things.

“Money soothes the nerves” and all that.

Talking of money, one of the things that I like about helping people to become free from nicotine is that not only do I help the people who stop smoking with hypnosis become richer but I become richer in the process. Most smokers spend approx. £400 a week on smoking. I can tell you now my sessions as they currently are cost less than that. However, it’s still a good way to make a living and every person I help to quit vaping or smoking is immediately healthier.

Generally speaking when “how much does it cost to stop smoking with hypnosis?” is the first question a person asks me there is an underlying resistance. Yes of course people need to know if they can afford it, but the fact remains most people who ask this, go on to say that they can’t afford to spend the same money that they’ve been committed to spending each month, every month for years on a solitary payment to free themselves, recoup their health, lengthen their lives and ultimately improve their finance.

Yes it has to be successful in order for them to be healthier, wealthier and freer, but one thing is for certain if they don’t stop smoking, they will die earlier, become iller and be poorer for longer. It’s the most ridiculous false economy that Im most frequently presented with.

Anyway, I’m going to go. To book an appointment to talk about when you’d like to stop smoking follow the link to my calendar.