Why I start every Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session with this technique.

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Why I always start every Stop Smoking Hypnosis session with this amazing technique to reduce or eliminate smoking cravings or smoking related anxiety.

If you’ve recently searched Google for ‘Stop Smoking Hypnosis Near Me.’ And found this blog rest assured you’ve come to the right place.

Even though I might not live near you, I can help you from here (come on, stay with me just a minute. I promise you your wasted time will be refunded).

In the 2 minute video accompanying this blog about stop smoking hypnosis sessions I demonstrate a simple way which you can immediately and effectively reduce your levels of stress and anxiety either related to your smoking cravings or for any other anxiety for that matter.

I begin every hypnosis to stop smoking session with this brilliant technique and I’ll tell you why:

 Most of the smokers that come to me to stop smoking, use cigarettes to alleviate their stress or at least they think that’s what they’re doing. I probably don’t need to tell you that relieving stress by smoking is a scientific impossibility as nicotine raises the heart rate, increasing stress levels rather than reducing them.

Yes yes, I know. It’s not the point…if you, the smoker, get some imagined sense that the stress is being managed through smoking, then in a way, that’s good enough.

 I should know about the power of imagination and what we tell ourselves, I’m a hypnotist after all.

 So let’s agree (although I don’t really agree) that smoking a cigarette reduces feelings of anxiety and stress…where does that leave the smoker who has just quit smoking forever in a stop smoking hypnotherapy session with me?

Well most of the time, that leaves the smoker in a remarkably good place. Because most smokers change their whole relationship with smoking during the hypnosis session. Most smokers simply decide during the session on a deep unconscious level that they don’t smoke, don’t want to smoke and are ready to open the door to freedom, fresh air, increased wealth and prosperity, so when they open their eyes and finish the stop smoking hypnosis on Zoom session they feel free and light. In their minds they’ve quit smoking forever.

Some of them fly around the room.

Okay, maybe they don’t actually do that.  But some of them feel like they can.

But, I’m not a liar. I’m not a saint, but my modus operandi is generally one of telling the truth (push me into a corner and I’m more likely to fight with the truth than a lie), so with that in mind, sometimes people who have done a quit smoking with hypnosis session still think about smoking. If they think about it a lot and are struggling with cravings that means the session hasn’t worked. The idea with stopping smoking with hypnosis is that the cravings leave your body and your mind. That’s what makes it the most enjoyable way to stop smoking – far better than patches, gum or in some cases getting prescribed with anti-depressants. However, sometimes people still experience some desire occasionally or are looking for ways to alleviate stress from work or their family life immediately in the way that they believed smoking used to.

So this is why I show every stop smoking hypnosis client this technique. If you go to my YouTube Channel, you will see me demonstrating this technique at the beginning of each session.

To see a session in action follow this link to my YouTube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJggHUSZEaofdaWXX30mKSw

Even if you have no intentions of visiting a hypnotherapist to stop smoking and wish to use patches, gum or your own marvellous will power, than I urge you to check out this technique and incorporate it into your stop smoking programme. If every time you felt the urge to smoke, you instead took a moment to locate the sense of your craving, how intense it is, where you feel it and then practice this technique along with me you will see how quickly you can manage that smoking related anxiety.

Please don’t think I’m advocating that don’t stop smoking with hypnosis! On the contrary, I think if you’re a smoker, it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself. What I’m saying is that if you were to practice this technique instead, every time you used to smoke – amazing things will happen to your outlook.

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