Why you really started smoking and why Hypnosis makes stopping smoking easy

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Why Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is Key

Do you ever really think about why you started smoking?

Your earliest impressions of smoking will be more powerful than you realise and explains to some extent why you’ve failed to stop so many times in the past and why

 Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is Key.

We have all been well versed in the mortal harm that smoking causes for some time now and yet there is still an estimated 6 million smokers in the UK and 30 million in the US.

The glamorous and attractive associations with smoking for most of us long lost their appeal back in the early 90’s along with the Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke slob sketches.

Do you remember?  “I’m smoking a fag!”  (possibly not)

But it certainly embodied everything shit about smoking; a lifestyle for the impoverished; uneducated; unhealthy and disenfranchised.

Such was the social commentary of those Enfield and Burke sketches that decades later I’d be reminded of them when a parent (most frequently a mum) dressed in pyjamas would stand outside the primary school smoking and swearing at her child or children.

Me recoiling, would decide there and then to stop smoking,

 and swearing

and also wearing my pyjamas on the school run. 

And I’d think privately, ‘for fuck sake!’ I wish I had enough money to send my children somewhere posh…Hogwarts…somewhere like that.

In the meantime, if I’m going to continue smoking and swearing and wearing pyjamas to school, I’m going to do what any self-respecting, educated, middle class person does…

That’s right, do it on the sly…in a civilised manner:

Behind the dustbins when you take the rubbish out, when you’re taking the dog out, behind the shed, in the car, when you’re going to the shops…

Anywhere, anytime that you can.

At least while you hide your smoking your children are not internalising the message that it’s okay to smoke.

Because, I’m telling you now:

 when it comes to quitting smoking, whether you’re stopping smoking with patches or stopping smoking with gum or stopping smoking with nothing other than a stop smoking audio…

Our earliest impressions are paramount.

It’s all very well that both my mum and dad, two educated people, told me that smoking was very bad -very very bad, and caused no end of nasty killing things.  

I didn’t believe them – not really. Why would I? You only have to glance at the photos above to see that the messages I received growing up were of a very contradictory nature.  

That’s my mum in the photo, (the one who looks like a woman) smoking in her 40’s whilst doing yoga in Israel. She made it look fun and liberating, not intentionally. She just did. She was pretty and happy and was going to live forever. I still hope she does, although since my dad’s gone she’s not so keen.

Meanwhile my dad pictured above, would while playing Bridge  get through one or two packs during the course of night. The fact that the world of Bridge was a dark, secret, underground world where  as children, my siblings and I would get this glimpse of him, revered as a king, as opposed to the dad we knew driving battered cars that broke down on any holiday destination, had a massive impact on my relationship with smoking – of course it did.

Smoking was cool, smoking was synonymous with fun, glamour, freedom and a sense of immortality.

I was always going to be a smoker and I started young.

Of course by the time you’re at school other role models follow and mostly the people you meet as you get older, the smokers who you feel some kind of karmic connection with will mirror you earliest impressions of smoking and the relationship you originally had to it which makes it dizzyingly potent.  

Which is where hypnosis comes….

Hypnosis is the key for unlocking that door, the door to your unconscious past, where you the hold on you gripping the most often without knowing or understanding why…

But sometimes even whilst understanding the impact of your past the grip is no less tight. It’s all very well having the key, but you have to either use it yourself in self-hypnosis to stop smoking or allow someone else to lead you through the door.

And then when you do….when you open it, you will feel that breeze: a new way of seeing, breathing, and believing…

Because there is a parallel universe where you are a happy, confident non-smoker. I know because I am a happy, free non-smoker and every day, I release other smokers into the wild without the dependency on cigarettes.

And it’s great. 

If this blog (Is it a blog?) has been of any interest to you and you wish to know more about how hypnosis can be used to stop smoking? or still question; does hypnosis work to stop smoking? Please check out my Hypnosis to stop smoking on YouTube Channel.