Will A Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session work for me?

Will a Stop Smoking Hypnosis session work for me

I Just got off the phone. I like the phone…I miss it. Without having to be distracted by my own face or the other distracting sounds and movements from the other on the Zoom call, we – you and I – can just connect on an audio and content level.  Here I feel most at home.

Are you ready for the drop?

This call was with a prospective client who wanted to know if my Hypnotherapy to stop smoking would work for ‘them.’ This isn’t a ‘them’ as in I don’t know how to use punctuation or ‘them’ as in gender identification. This is a ‘them’ as in, I’ll protect the client’s confidentiality. No need to distinguish if this is a woman or a man.

The prospective client told me that they’d smoked all their life. Actually the client was still pretty young…in their thirties (young to me)  and didn’t believe they could ever quit smoking.

The client assured me that they wanted to stop smoking to improve their health and also because of the ridiculous amount of money they were spending on cigarettes. Even if you buy duty free a pack of twenty now costs between 11 and 18 for a pack. However, although the client wanted to stop, they really didn’t believe they ever would

…couldn’t imagine it.

As you can imagine, it’s entirely normal to come to a stop smoking hypnosis session with a certain amount of scepticism. It’s more unusual for the word sceptical not to come up during that first 15 minute consultation if I’m honest with you. However, when a prospective client tells me that they read all my Stop Smoking Hypnosis Google reviews, watched all the videos on my website and YouTube but sill imagine that they are going to be amongst the 5% or 10% that the quit smoking hypnosis session doesn’t work for, I begin to feel a little hypnotized myself.

Perhaps the client is right, perhaps they are amongst that percentage that hypnosis to stop their smoking habit won’t work for. If you have read as far as here, you will be intelligent and interested enough to know that whilst hypnosis to stop smoking offers some genuinely hopeful – verging on miraculous results, the results can’t be guaranteed.

But if you compare the percentages to many surgical procedures, the results are pretty impressive. So what’s my point?

My point is…I’m a skilled hypnotherapist whose learnt how to direct the client’s own powerful unconscious mind to a new course of behaviour and action more suited for the new life and goals of their choosing. If a client is bent on practicing a form of self-hypnosis where they continually refuse to imagine an alternative life, an alternative behaviour then there’s not much I can do about it.

Whilst it may be possible to hypnotise a person against their will or even whilst their unaware, hypnosis is far more appropriate, ethical and effective when the client comes with a positive expectation.

I want my clients to be happy and excited about the transformation they are about to experience in the quit smoking hypnotherapy session. A degree of reserve and scepticism is okay and it’s also part of my job to fill the client with confidence that they can do this. That they can change. However, it does require some willingness for the client to engage in new ways of thinking, to engage their imagination on some level and it also requires some real desire for that change to occur.

It’s possible that I somehow failed to fill the prospective client with confidence during that call, but I don’t believe I did. As someone who never imagined myself as a non-smoker for years I understand that this willingness to image an alternative reality and alternative where I’m enjoying a healthy body and renewed vitality, this wiliness to engage your imagination and play along with the hypnotherapist is a key ingredient to a successful hypnosis stop smoking session. 

My hypnosis to stop smoking sessions usually last an hour and a half and take place over Zoom. Clients will tell you that after the session they are left free from cravings and excited about their new lives.

If you would like to learn more about how I run my quit smoking hypnotherapy sessions and whether you believe this could be a way for you to successfully stop smoking.

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