How does hypnosis help you stop smoking?

stop smoking

 It’s a funny thing

 – but the first five minutes of my conversations with most smokers who get in touch with me, in regards to quitting smoking with hypnosis always start with how sceptical they are.

When I say ‘funny’,  you understand that of course, what I mean is curious.

Okay, It’s is a curious thing:

“I’m very sceptical”, they’ll confess, “that this whole stopping smoking with hypnosis can actually work.”

I do understand scepticism about hypnosis, of course I do…

After all, how can it really be possible that the powerful part of our minds that controls all our automatic behaviour can be so strongly influenced by the words and sensations we experience?

It’s absurd…

Yes, that’s right. I’m being facetious.

The thing though most curious to me about this scepticism, is however, in relation to stopping smoking with hypnosis.

I mean, really? Smokers, what have you got to be sceptical about? 

You’re already choosing to pump (according to my scanty research…yeah yeah, look out AI robot bastard…you know I’ll be knocking on your door begging you for your data in no time) 700,000 chemicals into your body.

250 of which cause you physical harm, 69 of which cause you cancer,

And yet you’re sceptical.

Most of you are already spending hundreds of pounds a month on killing yourself slowly.

And  yet you present me with your scepticism – really, it happens all the time.   

Do you not see the incongruity?

If you think I’m being condescending, please accept my-not-so humble apology.

Honestly, I am the same as you. I was sceptical…not of hypnosis. No, I’ve never been sceptical of that.

I used to be sceptical of the people in authority who told me not to smoke. A trust issue, you could say. I didn’t trust authority

…quite rightly too.

I mean, have you seen the government?

And it’s been like that for as long as I can remember.

The trouble is….when it comes to authority and smoking, authority was right.

I was wrong and you were right authority. I’m sorry. Sorry to me. You should have listened. You should have stopped smoking. In fact you should never have started.  

 It pains me…that for all, but my infant years (and the last two years) I’d been shackled either physically, financially or mentally to that insidious smoking habit.

I don’t know if I can say I regret the years themselves because my path and all the worst bits on it make are intrinsically linked with who I am and where I am right this moment.

And I love where I’m at. I love doing hypnosis. It’s such fun and so easy to do and people change their lives for the better.

But I am afraid. Yep, I’m very afraid, I see shadows, the unconscious part of my mind that’s been recording it all…

And I’m afraid, that this pain in my throat is cancer.

I’m often afraid I’ve got cancer. I used to be afraid while I actually smoked.

If I had not smoked for all those years, I doubt I would immediately imagine that any pain I have is likely to lead to cancer diagnosis’, but this is where I’m at.

I wish I hadn’t left it so long to stop. I can say that honestly.

But to get back to the point of scepticism and quitting smoking with hypnosis

There’s nothing to be sceptical about. It’s just a marvellous thing. When you stop smoking with hypnosis, you will discover that you can stop smoking easily using the power of your unconscious mind.

You will sit in a chair for less than an hour and a half, listen to me say some profound and eloquent things

And you will just change your mind and decide that you don’t want to smoke anymore.

And if you’re like the Armenian cage fighter I’ve just seen today, you will call me their hero.

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